Monday, June 13, 2016

Blame the Gun, of course!

With so many issues to discuss after the horrific terror attack in Orlando, which do you think the media and the Democrats will focus on:

  • The FBI twice failed to accurately assess the threat this guy posed. What is happening inside the FBI that prevented them from getting this right?
  • If the FBI can't accurately assess one guy when he is twice identified as a potential threat, how can they assess a hundred thousand Syrian refugees? 
  • This the second case of 2nd Generation Jihad. What is happening in the Muslim community that is radicalizing these "Americans"?
  • If we cannot accurately assess incoming refugees and they potentially represent a multi generational threat, should we stop taking in additional Syrian refugees?
  • Radical Islam has been killing gays overseas for years. Not a week goes by without a gay guy getting tossed off a building somewhere. Now will gay people recognize that the real threat to gay rights is not some baker in Ohio, but a radical global movement with the intention of killing all gay people in the name of Islam?
  • Blame the guns.
I wonder which they will focus on...
Just kidding.
We already know the answer to this question since Obama's remarks blamed guns in less than a minute, while not mentioning Islam even once.

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