Monday, June 13, 2016

OK, Gay People, Do You Get It Now??

For several years the gay activist community in this country has been waging a splendid little war on anyone in this country that does not toe the Gay line.   Any statement even remotely against gays is met with a horrendous onslaught of social and legal disapproval.  And they have been quite effective at moving the legal and moral goalposts quite far in a short period of time.

Making a statement that was the official position of President Obama and of the Democrat Party in 2008 (a marriage is between a man and a woman) is now considered to be a hate crime. 

The gay activist mafia has been quite effective waging a culture war to destroy all who oppose them, particularly the most dreaded of foes, the bakers and cake makers!  Every baker must comply with the wishes of the Left and happily bake cakes and pizzas for gay weddings or be vilified and prosecuted for discrimination

All the while, they have been screaming that the culture of homophobia in this country is the worst thing in the world.  They have maintained that the US is a horrible oppressive place, and that Christians are terrible oppressors of the LGBT people.  And they have enlisted Islamic front groups as natural allies in this culture war.

Wait.  They changed that.   It's now LGBTQ, and apparently a hate crime as some form of patriarchal oppression to use the old formulation. 

Wait.   They changed it again... it's now LGBTTQQIAAP.     No.   I'm not making this up.

Gay people enjoy extraordinary legal protections, have higher incomes, and play a disproportionate role in American culture.   All while claiming to be oppressed victims. 

Meanwhile, in ten countries around the world, homosexuality is punishable by death.  There are weekly reports of gay people being executed for being gay, in many cases by being thrown off of the roof of a tall building

Conservatives in this country have been pointing out for years that the real fight for gay rights should be focused on things like not being thrown off the top of a skyscraper instead of having a cake baked for a wedding. 

Gay activists have been pretending to fight the good fight against defenseless Christian bakers while ignoring the real threat posed by radical Islam.

Well, the Islamic war on gays has finally arrived here.   49 dead in a gay night club shooting at the hands of a radical jihadist that expressly targeted gay people for the crime of being gay. 

Muslims around the world are celebrating the attack.

They can't ignore it any longer. .

Well, of course they can.   They can blame guns.  Or blame the white homophobic toxic culture for enabling the shooting.  Or blaming hyper masculinity. 

Western civilization is not an oppressor of gays.  It is the safest place in the world for gay people to work and live.   Gay people had better wake up and recognize that the real threat is not the religious nut that won't bake you a cake, the real threat is the religious nut who wants to kill you.  

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