Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How Trump Wins in the Next 30 Days

President Trump has an opportunity to win it all in the next 30 days.  All he has to do is do the following steps:

Illegal Immigrant Accused of the Murder of Mollie Tibbets
  • Call a joint session of Congress to deliver a major announcement.  Have all of the White House staff immediately and desperately deny that the President is resigning.   End all Twitter communication and do not appear in public for the week leading up to the event.  This will, of course, fuel wild speculation that the President is resigning.  This will ensure 100% coverage and the largest live TV audience in history
  • Come on stage and apologize for failing the American people. Explain that you have personally let the American people down.  Resignation fever will hit a peak. 
  • Then discuss Mollie Tibbetts and Katie Steinle and the opioid crisis and how all of this is that result of not having a Wall.  Talk about MS13 and how Nancy Pelosi defended them with her 'divine spark' defense.   Talk about serial illegal criminals and how Chuck Shumer and Kamala Harris believe in sanctuary cities. 
  • Explain that you have let the American people down by not building the Wall.  But now you are going to make things right.  You are going to deport illegal aliens and build the wall to prevent them and others from coming back. 
  • Then immediately have Congress called into session on live TV, with an immediate up or down vote on the funding the Wall. 
This will make it clear to all Americans where Democrats stand on America and illegal immigration. 

Call it Mollie's Wall.

Make Democrats show where their loyalties really lie.