Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Free Speech is a threat to Freedom!

Democracy and civilization itself are under dire threat from a man who wants to buy Twitter in order to reduce censorship and protect free speech.
Elon Musk wants to by Twitter because “I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy". This, of course, exposes Musk as a Nazi and evil supervillain due to his support for… *checks notes* …freedom…
The Left claims that Twitter is not biased in their favor at all and also that changing the rules to allow for more free speech ‘will cause WWIII and end civilization’ and also that this would allow Elon Musk to tell people what to believe, which is very dangerous and not right because ‘telling people what to think and believe is our job”. (Note that these are actual quotes.)
Elon Musk, infamous for smoking pot with Joe Rogan, has offered $54.20 her share for Twitter. Note that this price ends in 420…
A Saudi prince billionaire Twitter investor and Board member announced, ‘it is very dangerous for billionaires to control a social media platform’. No word yet if this man has a mirror in any of his 27 residences.
Liberals are outraged that Free Speech should be allowed on Twitter presumably because they have such strong arguments and irrefutable facts to back them up that they don’t have to worry about losing the battle of ideas… Oh. Wait. They don’t want more free speech….. hmmm..
Twitter is fighting back and hired Goldman Sachs to prove that $54.20 per share is an unacceptably low offer. One problem, though. Goldman Sachs most recent rating on Twitter was SELL at $30 per share…
When a billionaire owns The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, or The Boston Globe, that’s no problem, you see, because these billionaires would never influence the content or impose personal bias on the news we are allowed to see, but when a pro-Free Speech billionaire wants to buy Twitter for the express purpose of reducing censorship this is an existential threat to Democracy itself!!
The Left has once again exposed themselves as anti-Freedom and opposed to anything that reduces their power to control the narrative.

I Think I Am Sensing a Pattern Here…

Normal American People: Hey, it looks like you might be using the pandemic as an excuse to loosen voting safeguards and tamper with election results by mailing out millions of ballots, using unsupervised ballot collection boxes, ballot harvesting, and conducting secretive ballot counting…

Radical Lefty Democrat: We would never do any such thing.  We are insulted that you would even think so!.  This is ridiculous that you would question the integrity of the vote!  You are undermining faith in election integrity merely by asking the question!

NAP: OK, then you won’t mind if we pass a law saying you must abide by the election rules we had before the pandemic?

RLD:  What?!?  You fascist! You anti-American racist homophobes! You’re destroying democracy!! We must be allowed to mail out millions of untraceable ballots and conduct the counting away from your prying eyes in order to ensure election integrity!!  Minorites can’t be expected to vote without our help! All future elections will be stolen if you demand that ballots be linked to an eligible voter and prevent people from voting more than once!


NAP: Hey, we noticed you’re teaching Critical Race Theory to little children in order to radicalize them into little America-hating, self-loathing communists that will help you destroy Western Civilization.

RLD: We would never do any such thing… Critical Race Theory is an obscure legal theory only taught in college.  We aren’t teaching CRT to school children! 

NAP: OK then… Do you mind if we pass a law banning Critical Race Theory from grade schools?

RLD: What??!?!? You racist, xenophobic, bigoted, clan-hood wearing fascist!!!  Children must learn the true history of America!! The must learn to hate the US as an evil, rotten, disgusting country that needs to be destroyed so that we can rebuild it as a racial justice-based utopia!!  Skin color is the most important thing!!! Your children need to learn to hate themselves!!! You transphobic scuzzball!


NAP: Hey, we noticed that you’re teaching queer gender theory to kindergartners in an effort to normalize your weird fetishes and drive a wedge between children and their parents.  This will allow you to create a generation of emotionally disturbed, sexually perverted Democrat foot soldiers that hate their parents, themselves, and all of civilization.

RLD:  We are not grooming children. This is crazy talk!!  We would never do any such thing! Our curricula are laser focused on reading writing and arithmetic.  We are molding the future of America!!!

NAP: Well, then you won’t mind if we pass a law banning the sexual grooming of kindergartners

RLD:  What??!?!?!   You trans-phobic piece of garbage! Children will die if we’re not allowed to teach them to masturbate in public schools, and they will die again if I’m not allowed to parade my perverse, abnormal lifestyle in front of them!  The future is queer and we are coming for your children!! Children are much more susceptible to programming at this age, and parents have no say in their kids’ education and should stay the fuck out of the classroom!!!

NAP:  Hey, we noticed you’re using social media platforms like Twitter to censor information such as the contents of Hunter Biden‘s laptop thus influencing the outcome of the presidential election.

RLD:  Our algorithms are designed to be evenhanded, fair-minded and they’re only there to prevent hateful comments of the most vile nature… Twitter is deeply committed to freedom of speech!

NAP: Oh, so you won’t mind if Elon Musk buys Twitter just to check and make sure that you’re playing fair

RLD:  What?!?! Insane conspiracy weirdo! Evil, fascist, homophobic billionaires buying social media platforms is the end of civilization as we know it! Allowing actual free speech on a free speech platform is completely against the core mission of Twitter! You have no right to interfere with the narrative!  WE CONTROL THE NARRATIVE!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

No Fly Zone is a Very Bad Idea


The war in the Ukraine drags on and now some people are calling for a ‘No Fly’ Zone to be enforced over the conflict region.

We should be very clear what a No Fly Zone means:  It means World War III.

A No Fly Zone is enforced by shooting down any aircraft that violate the Zone.  Shooting down aircraft and killing the crews is an Act of War.

If NATO attempts to enforce a No Fly Zone it will immediately escalate into open warfare between multiple nuclear-armed nations.  This is a Very Bad Thing.

Here is what No Fly enforcement would look like:

NATO would declare the No Fly Zone. In order to enforce the Zone, you have to put NATO aircraft in the air over Ukraine very close to the front lines.  Backed by AWACs airborne radar, they would fly Combat Air Patrol over the disputed territory. 

Russian aircraft would ignore the rules and continue combat flight operations over Ukraine.  Of course, the Russians have fighter jets too, and they would attempt to protect the bombers, transports and attack helicopters. 

NATO would have a choice: Do nothing and look like impotent morons or shoot down the offending aircraft.  

Shooting down Russian planes would be the first shots of WWIII.

Of course, the disputed territory is also filled with Russian antiaircraft missiles.  Those missiles would be fired at the NATO planes.  NATO would respond with SEAD strikes (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses).  NATO aircraft would directly attack Russian troops on the ground in an effort to knock out the SAM (surface to air missiles) batteries.  THIS IS WWIII. 

Alternatively, NATO could position Patriot missile batteries deep inside Ukraine to enforce the No Fly Zone.   These missile systems would need to be manned by NATO troops because the Ukrainians are not trained to use them.  The Russians, being shot at by SAM’s, would target those positions and attack them.  NATO troops would die.  This is WWIII.

If NATO somehow managed to establish local air superiority over Ukraine, Russia could still target NATO aircraft with long range SAM’s launched from within Russia.  This would force NATO planes to attack Russian soil to suppress those missile batteries. 

WWIII would quickly spread and escalate. 

The US would send a Carrier battle group into the region to allow the Navy to support the effort.  Russian submarines would find that to be a tempting target, and NATO would be forced to start sinking submarines in order to protect the carriers.

Flying combat missions over Ukraine from Poland or Germany would greatly reduce the amount of time the fighters could loiter in the combat zone.  You would need multiple tankers for air-to-air refueling. NATO would increase combat effectiveness by using Ukrainian airbases.  This would require NATO troops on the ground to protect against Russian special forces attacks.

NATO would need to knock out Russian radar sites near the Ukrainian border.  These sites inside The Motherland are well defended and would be very costly to attack.  NATO would resort to cruise missiles to evade and degrade the air defenses.  These weapons normally carry high explosives warheads, but cruise missiles can also carry nuclear warheads.   From the Russian point of view, a wave of cruise missiles crossing the border headed toward Moscow would be indistinguishable from a nuclear first strike. 

The Russians would have 5-15 minutes to decide – is this a conventional strike targeting our air defense network?  Or is NATO launching nukes in an effort to cripple Russia’s nuclear defense capabilities and kill Putin?  Well, comrade, do we launch our nukes, or do we risk nuclear annihilation?  You now have 4 minutes to decide….

And that, folks, is how nuclear wars get started. 

A No Fly Zone is a terrible, awful, no good idea.  Best case scenario it starts WWIII and kills millions.  Worst case scenario it leads to nuclear war and the death of billions, if not the outright extinction of the human race. 

If you are cheerleading for a No Fly Zone, you are cheering for the apocalypse. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Something strange is happening in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

 Something strange is happening in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

More specifically, something strange that is NOT happening.
Where is the combat footage?
Where are the cell phone videos and the Go Pro videos that surely exist if 2 modern countries with access to the latest electronics are fighting? Why don't we see a flood of videos showing troops being shelled or returning fire? Where are the sniper videos and the ambush videos?
We see some images of damage. We see abandoned and or damaged vehicles. We see some distant explosions.
Where are the videos of Russian tanks being ambushed? The Ukrainian claim to have knocked out hundreds of tanks, and hundreds more other armored vehicles. Not one Ukrainian thought to pull out a cell phone and record the moment?
Every Russian has a GoPro mounted on the dash of their car for recording traffic accidents. Every Ukrainian girl has a TikTok account with 100k followers that documents every second of their life.
This should be the most well documented war in history.
But we see nothing.
And most of the stuff we do see is obviously not Ukrainian combat footage. Anti-tank missiles being launched with palm trees in the background and dudes shouting in Arabic. "Captured" tanks with a small puddle of burning gas on the hull but no other combat damage.
Something is off here.

WWDD? Flee, of course.


“We are all Ukrainians now!” is the current mania as the brave people of the Ukraine fight for their freedoms. 

Oh really??  I’m not so sure about that.

Only 40% of Democrats would stay and fight for their country event of a foreign invasion (!), according to a new poll.  

Only 68% of Republicans would stay and fight. 

Overall, a just a little more than half of Americans love their country enough to fight for it. 

I am absolutely disgusted by the results of this poll.  

I am disappointed with the Republican answer.  25% of them would flee to another country.

I am disgusted by the Democrats answer.  Only 40% are prepared to give the last full measure of their devotion to save the country that they claim to love.   More than half of Democrats polled (52%) would flee rather than fight.

I see what is happening in this country, a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to proposition that all men are created equal.  I have my doubts whether this nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.


When Democrats tell you that they are patriots more than half of them are lying to you.  Ever wonder why a party would advocate for policies that are so obviously destructive?  Well, now you have your answer.

Why are we electing to positions of power a party that loves this country so little that only 40% would fight for it? 





Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Will the Real Racism please stand up?


It has been axiomatic to Democrats for decades that this is a deeply racist country.  The only problem with this idea is the lack of actual racism to support the claim of systemic racism.

So they start making up fake racism to fill the void between the supply and the demand for racism about which to be outraged.

We see this in the never-ending parade of race crime hoaxes.  Jussie Smollett, swastikas painted on doors, nooses on garages and trees, faked attacks on subways, and more, nearly every racist hate crime turns out to be a hoax.  

We also see this when the media insert race into things that have no racial component.

The death of the iconic John Madden provides the loony Democrat Left with the opportunity to manufacture racist tropes out of thin air.

Here we have a college professor scolding us for mourning the passing of Madden because the Madden video game ‘glamorized violence and dehumanized Blacks’ and accuses him of building a ‘digital plantation’.   

This is utter nonsense.  At the time Madden started his career as a coach Blacks represented about 30% of the league.  Today Blacks represents 70% of the players, 19% of the quarterbacks, and salaries have increased 12X.   Sports, in particular the NFL, have been an enormous boon to Blacks. 

Claiming such ridiculous racist grievances only calls into question all of the claims of the Race Grievance industry. It makes us think its all nonsense.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Racism? More Cowbell!


When a white guy shoots three other white guys in self-defense, this is proof of systemic racism.   And when three white guys are convicted of murder for shooting a black guy, this is also proof of systemic racism.

When a white guy with no racist social media history kills two white people in Wisconsin, this is evidence that his motive is racism and white supremacy.   When a black guy with a long history of racial grievance posts on social media drives his van into a parade of white people killing 6, this is evidence that it was just a traffic accident.

When a random police officer is on trial for accidentally shooting a black man who was resisting arrest, that trial must be hyped every day in the media and there must be riots and protests.  When a famous socialite is on trial for being a procurer of underage girls for a sex trafficking ring that has many of the world’s most famous people as alleged clients, including former US Presidents, royalty, celebrities, and others, that trial may not be televised nor discussed in the media. 

Over the past 5 years the Democrats have lost their collective minds over Hillary losing the election, Trump-Russia, the ‘stolen’ Supreme Court seat, the Kavanaugh nomination, the Impeachments of Trump and the 1/6 Capitol riots.  They have repeated the same bumper sticker nonsense about this ad nauseum, even as the truth about all of this comes to light.  You may have wondered why they won’t let this stuff go even though all of it are lies or completely debunked. 

This week we learned the answer: There is a case before the Supreme Court that might overturn Roe v Wade.  Democrats are now screaming that the Supreme Court of the United States is illegitimate because Trump appointed 3 rapey religious fanatics as judges while he was a twice-impeached Russian agent who stole the election while inciting insurrection.  The plan all along has been to de-legitimize the Court in the eyes of their supporters who will then endorse riots, impeachments, or court-packing schemes to regain control of the SCOTUS. 

The arguments in favor of, and in opposition to, abortion are intensely felt on both side of the issue.  This week the pro-abortion people argued before the SOTUS that Roe V Wade, though it may have been decided on very weak legal grounds, must be preserved because it is now a long-standing super precedent.   When the justices pointed out that Brown v Board of Education overturned the longstanding super precedent of Plessy V Ferguson, the pro-abortion attorneys implied that the court should have let Plessy stand as the law of the land in honor of the precedent.

For those of you who don’t follow this stuff, Brown is the famous Supreme Court case that said racial discrimination violated civil rights and forced the end of Jim Crow and the racial segregation of schools.  The pro-abortion lawyers seem to be arguing that black people should still be barred from lunch counter and schools so that the Court won’t overturn protections for a procedure that disproportionately kills millions of unborn black babies. 

So the pro-abortion Democrats seem to be arguing that black people should not have equal rights under the law so that they can continue to abort millions of black babies.

Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist who founded Planned Parenthood with the explicit goal of reducing the number of black people, is surely smiling up from hell as we speak. 

Monday, November 29, 2021

The EMP problem? Good Luck!


EMP is one the most dangerous, if unlikely, threat to modern civilization.  A nuclear weapon explosion generates an Electro Magnetic Pulse, or EMP.  A nuclear device detonated high above the US would generate an EMP pulse across the entire country.  This pulse would flash across the line of sight from the explosion and create massive amounts of electricity in things that conduct electricity.  Things like wire, generators, cell phones, pumps, and virtually every other modern device.  That EMP generated electricity would instantly melt every wire, circuit board, computer chip and anything else that can conduct electricity. 

However devastating the aftermath of an EMP attack would be, it probably won’t be the worst of our problems. Such an attack would be an Act of War, which would earn the attacking country a swift nuclear retaliation.  Even if the EMP managed to knock out all US land- and aircraft-based nukes, the nuclear submarines at sea would swiftly retaliate with thousands of nuclear missiles.  This strike would no doubt trigger additional nuclear weapons targeted at the US mainland.   So you can see that a hostile nation EMP strike is nothing to worry about, relatively speaking.  

The only nuclear EMP scenario that does not result in nuclear Armageddon is that of a terrorist strike.  Perhaps a terror organization steals nukes from a nuclear power, say Russia.  They are then able to smuggle these nukes onto a platform capable of getting high over the United States.  Commercial aircraft, perhaps.   They are then able to get the stolen nukes to detonate somehow, and the US has no one to launch nukes against, sparing us nuclear war, but leaving the US to deal with the EMP effects.    Unlikely in the extreme, but possible.

The last scenario for an EMP hit is a Coronal Mass Ejection.  The Sun has been known to periodically blow out massive solar flares that disrupt telecommunications here on earth.  A large enough CME event would have the same effect as an EMP by creating a magnetic pulse across the entire globe.  This event, although unlikely, is possible and would hit us with little or no warning. 

So if we experience an EMP…

In an instant we would return to the 80’s in terms of technology.  No.  Not the 1980’s.  The 1880’s.

No lights, no refrigeration, no pumps, no engines, no phones, no cars, no elevators, no airplanes, no trains.

The effects would be devastating.  Without pumps there is no running water.  Without trains, trucks, harvesters, or refrigeration there will be no food.   Food supplies would run short in days, and the efforts to distribute emergency supplies would be hampered by the lack of communication and transportation.

In the immediate aftermath, hundreds of thousands of people would die.  At the moment of the EMP, planes would fall from the skies, cars on the highway would crash, elevators in high rises would be stuck, exploding electrical equipment would start fires.  There would be no way to call the fire department, no operable firetrucks, no pumps, and no water for the hoses.   The resulting fires would burn millions of buildings to the ground with big cities at risk of massive firestorms that burn out the entire city.

After the fires burned themselves out, the real problems would begin.

Millions would be without shelter.  If the EMP pulse hit during the winter months, low temperatures would kill millions in the northern parts of the country.  Exposure to extreme cold would kill in a few hours, and even moderate temperatures in the 30-40 degree range would kill within days.

The lucky survivors with some form of shelter would be unable to heat their homes unless they have wood stoves or propane heaters. Southerners would face the reverse situation in the summer with no way to cool off in the heat. 

Then things would get really bad.

Food would start to run out within days and weeks.  The average American has only a one-week supply or less of food on hand, and much of that will spoil when freezers and refrigerators stop working.  Most of the food on hand will be difficult to prepare – no electricity for ovens or cook tops, no natural gas pumped into your home.  Medical supplies would disappear, and everyone dependent on regular medication would succumb to the ravages of age and disease.

There will be no police or other first responders.  You can’t call them, and they could only walk to your location if they somehow got your distress call.   The thin veneer of civilization would quickly tear away.  Those displaced by the fires and lacking food or water will attempt to take it from others that do have food and shelter.  Isolated incidents will give way to waves of looting and an orgy of violence.

Then things would get really, really bad.

The food on hand would run out within a few weeks, perhaps a few months if people can make do on canned goods and dried pasta or the outside temperature keeps food on hand from spoiling immediately.  The water situation would become super critical.  With no fresh water on hand, people would need to travel on foot to rivers and streams.  The same lack of running water would also prevent the sewers and toilets from working, so the streams and rivers would quickly become fouled with human waste and other chemicals released in the chaos.  The contaminated water would spread diseases such as cholera and dysentery, further worsening the situation.  People traveling to water sources would be set upon by criminals and gangs.  They would need to form gangs of their own to create safe passages to water.

With limited food, contaminated water in short supply, and no way to procure more in the short term, millions will die of starvation or disease.

Guns would ultimately decide who get food and water, with the organized gangs and militia’s rising to ensure collective safety.  Warlords would take control of the areas where the government, if it functions at all, can’t reach, which would be likely be vast swaths of the rural areas and the inner city.

The world would look a lot like feudal Europe in the aftermath of the Plague, with small bands of survivors huddled inside defensive forts and intergroup communication and trade nearly non-existent.  Rivers and waterways would again become the primary mode of transportation. Armed brigands would control the highways, and there would be battles over key resources like water and arable land.

Compounding the difficulties would be the lack of 19th century skills or resources.  Even if there were enough horses, plows, and seed, very few people know how to use them properly. 

Out of this chaos and destruction, some people would try to rebuild.

They would try to get the pumps and generators back online.  They would try to get the internal combustion engines working again.   But this would be nearly impossible.

Every modern device depends on computer chips or tiny sensitive electronics on circuit boards.  You can’t just start building these things – the factories and the entire supply chain are dependent on electricity.  To fix the pump (assuming it’s an old school pump with no circuit boards, you would need to re-wire the motor. This would require copper wire, which would have to be made on machines that need electricity.  It would require copper, which needs ore to be mined and transported to machines, all of which need electricity to run.

You would have to re-build from scratch.  Hand tools and horses to build non-electric machines to build the wires to fix the pumps.  The process took us 100 years the first time, but we could probably do it in, say, 5-10 years this time.   The horse shortage alone would take years to alleviate assuming you could double the available stock every year or so.

In the meanwhile, people would have to return to pre-industrial farming techniques.   To make matter worse, there would be a massive shortage of hand tools.  Hoes, scythes, plows, axes, shovels, and picks would be in short supply, with no immediate way to make new ones.

The population would drop to the levels that could be supported by pre-industrial agriculture.   It would probably drop below those levels as it would take a few years to effectively switch from modern agribusiness farming techniques to traditional methods.

So who would be worst off and somewhat better off in the event on an EMP:

People in airplanes, fast moving vehicles, elevators:  Dead. Immediately, if not sooner.  

People in living high rise buildings, business travelers in distant cities, people who’s primary shelter is destroyed, people dependent on medicine: Completely Screwed, likely dead within 1-3 weeks. Exposure, lack of food or water, and disease will claim most of these people.

People in low rise city buildings, suburbs, and smaller urban centers, commuters at work far from home: At Risk, survival is dependent on preparation or luck.   Survival past 30 days is a 50/50 chance, longer survival problematic and dependent on access to food, water, and firearms.  Food riots and gang warfare will kill as many as lack of food and water.

People in rural areas: Decent Chance of survival depending on degree of preparedness.  Will be largely insulated from the urban food riots and will have access to cleaner water.  

So if you hope to survive an EMP… well, good luck.






Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rittenhouse Verdict...

As we wait for the Rittenhouse verdict, I have a few final thoughts: 

There are a number of really questionable things done by the prosecution that make me wonder about the state of criminal jurisprudence in this country: 

Lied about the Law: The prosecution straight up lied about the law.  They repeatedly said that "if you have a gun, you lose the right to self defense'. Kyle should have 'taken a beating' rather than use deadly force.  This is not the law in Wisconsin, or anywhere else for that matter. Why does the Prosecution get to lie about the law? 

Fast and loose with the Rules: The prosecution made several statements that brought down scorn and admonishment from the judge.  Attempting to impeach Kyle for his silence, bringing in evidence that had been ruled out of bounds, and other indiscretions raised the ire of the judge and gave Rittenhouse grounds for a mistrial ruling or a very strong argument on appeal.  

Grosskruetz shadow deal: The lack of interview recordings and the failure to seize his phone are very unusual.   As noted in a previous post, Grosskruetz's treatment by the authorities is very odd and smacks of a behind the scenes deal.  

The defense was weak.  Kyle's defense was on solid factual footing, but missed a few important elements on the narrative: 

Factual misstatements:  the prosecution made a number of factual misstatements or distortions that the defense did not object to or correct.  "Guns aren't Left or right handed" and 'full metal jacket bullets are extra scary and deadly" stand out as false to the gun nuts like me.  These were not corrected by the defense and a critical to the self defense claim:

  • Full metal jacket bullets for an AR15 are not extra deadly.  They are the standard ammunition for that gun.  They are used for training, target shooting, varmint hunting and more.  It is the specialty ammo that is out of the ordinary.  It costs more and is used for specific purposes like long range shooting, hunting, or military applications.  The assertion about the full metal jacket ammo is a farce. 
  • The fuzzy image that purportedly shows Kyle point the weapon at Zaminski looks like Kyle is handling the weapon left handed.  The prosecution claims that guns are not 'handed', and the defense failed to point out the obvious.  Every picture and video that night show Kyle with the rifle slung for right handed use.  In order for the prosecution's claim to be correct, Kyle would have had to unsling the gun, switch the gun over to his off hand, point it at Zaminski, then shift the gun back and re-sling it.  None of this is consistent with the crystal clear and voluminous images of Kyle carrying the gun right handed.      

Time Parsing:  The prosecution made a big deal out of the frame-by-frame review of each of the shootings.  They then argued that Kyle had the information and the time required to re-assess and take a different course of action. Kyle didn't have to fire again  after the first shot at Rosenbaum.  Kyle had more room to retreat, etc.  All of this is obviously false when you view the video at full speed.  There was less than a second between the first and fourth shots at Rosenbaum.  There was  no time to reassess, and more importantly, no way Kyle could have known that in the moment.  Kyle missed Jump Kick man entirely at the same distance a few minutes later.  Kyle's shooting of Rosenbaum was one single shooting, not four separate incidents you can parse apart in .2 second increments.

Jump Kick Man: If this is what the prosecution and the media want you to believe (Kyle is an active shooter being lawfully detained by heroic citizens) then why has Jump Kick Man not come forward?  If the media narrative is correct, then he would be lauded as a hero.  He could fill in missing pieces of the puzzle such as what the motivations were for attacking Kyle, and what happened in the gap between the first and second shootings.    He has reportedly been identified, but this is still unconfirmed.  But he has
not come forward. This makes the Active Shooter narrative seem rather suspect. 

Protesters: The protestors outside the court are reportedly audible from within the jury room.  Surely this is prejudicial to Kyle.   What are the chances that the jury can reach an impartial decision when death threats and more are being chanted by a mob outside the window.  Why is this allowed? 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Fact Free Legal Hot Takes


There are several ways people are attempting to put Kyle Rittenhouse in jail for murder that need to be exposed for the pure evil inherent in their arguments.

Argument #1: Kyle should not have been there.  This argument is really bad – it grants the Rioters Veto on public life.  This would set up a system where one side of the political spectrum is free to protest, riot, destroy, and loot, but the other side has no right to counter-protest or prevent the destruction of the community.  It is the equivalent of ‘she shouldn’t have worn that outfit in that bar’.  They are arguing that when bad people decide to riot the good people have their rights curtailed or invalidated.    This is deeply flawed thinking.

Argument #2:  Opine sans facts.  Many of the arguments I have seen lie or mislead about every single fact in evidence in the case.  “Kyle brought a gun across state lines to hunt down peaceful protestors and he shot unarmed people who had their hands up”.   This sort of fact-free invective is inexcusable in light of 8 days of testimony and hours of video evidence to the contrary.  It is not constructive to spout lies while demanding justice – you are only making things worse.

Argument #3:  Raaaaacist!  There are people arguing that Kyle Rittenhouse is a racist.  This is not supported by the facts, and many of these people seem to think that Kyle shot a bunch of black people.  This is a tragic situation and dragging race into it when there is zero evidence that shooting three white people was in any way based on racism borders is evil.  We have enough racial grievance in this country without making up fake racism to add to the fire.   

If you are going to make arguments in favor of locking someone up for the rest of their life, at least have the decency to use actual facts and think through the public policy implications of your ideas. 

Rittenhouse Prosecution Fail


The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is going well… for Kyle. Look at the body language from the Prosecution…
The Prosecutions own witnesses have so far testified:
The first attacker Kyle shot was charging him while screaming ‘Fuck You!!” and lunging for Kyle’s gun. This is after the jury was shown video footage of Rosenbaum shouting ‘Shoot me, n*gger!”, his girlfriend testified he was bi-polar, and others testified he was so deranged that other rioters denied he was with them. Oh, and there was also testimony that Rosenbaum threatened ‘If I see you alone later I am going to kill you”. The Medical examiner testified that the burn marks on Rosenbaum’s hand were consistent with the hand being ‘on or in close proximity to the gun’. Mind you, this is the prosecution’s witness, not a witness for the defense.
The star witness for the prosecution was Gaige Grosskreutz. Gaige testified that he was illegally carrying a Glock pistol when he confronted Kyle. Gaige also stated that when put his hands up in a surrender gesture, Kyle did not shoot him. It was only after Gaige pointed his gun directly at Kyle’s head that Kyle fired. Mind you, this is the prosecution’s witness, not a witness for the defense.
Oh, and Gaige further testified that the second fatal shootee, Huber, was hitting Kyle over the head with a skateboard, and that skateboards are really dangerous as weapons, and that he was afraid Kyle would suffer head trauma if struck. And I repeat… this is the prosecution’s witness, not a witness for the defense.
Other things I learned in the trial include:
Every witness was interviewed on video and their cell phone data copied for analysis. Except Gaige Grosskreutz. His interview was not recorded nor his cell phone taken, despite a search warrant having been issued for it. Grosskreutz testified that he possessed an illegal concealed firearm that night, and his testimony revealed he lied to police and lied on the witness stand. There appears to be a secret deal between the District Attorney and GG that has not been disclosed to the defense or the jury. This is ground for a mistrial.
There are activists making threatening Facebook pronouncement that they are recording the faces of the jurors for the purpose of retribution if they don’t find Kyle guilty. This morning in court it was revealed someone was caught recording the faces of jury as they boarded a bus. No charges have been filed against the would be jury tamperers. This raises huge questions about the ability of the jury to reach an impartial decision.
The FBI apparently flies drones over Antifa and BLM riots and records video. This video is used to prosecute people like Kyle for shooting in self-defense, but has not been used to track down the people who burned, looted, and destroyed billions in property. Also, the FBI will conveniently ‘lose’ high quality video until it is forced to turn it over to the defense.

This entire trial is a farce.

Proud to be an American?

When someone uses a pro-American song as their ring tone….Democrats and other assorted communists and leftists instantly assume he is a pro-Trump Republican…
Judge in the Rittenhouse trial left his cell phone on and it rang during the trial, playing Lee Greenwood’s Proud to be an American. Twitter immediately exploded with all manner of deranged conspiracy theories, but the thing that struck me was this: a man has a patriotic song as his ring tone and everyone automatically assumes which political party he belongs to.
Revealing that if you love your country you obviously aren’t a Democrat!!


Monday, November 1, 2021

This Week I Learned...

Joe Biden met with the Pope.  There was widespread criticism that he is not actually Catholic given the many heretical statements he has made that directly contradict the core teaching of the Catholic church, his dubious election to the office, and the rampant sex scandals under his administration.  Some people even said the some of same things about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden met with the Pope while neither wore a mask.  Also, Joe Biden’s press secretary has been diagnosed with COVID despite triple vax and double mask status.  No word yet on if Biden has transmitted COVID to the Pope via his press secretary. 

A pilot says ‘Let’s Go Braves!’ as his Southwest Flight takes off out of Houston.  A reporter mishears it as “Let’s Go Brandon”.  She storms the cockpit and twitter-starts a national political firestorm claiming the pilot represented a terroristic danger.  Members of the fair and unbiased media leapt into action to claim the pilot was likely so deranged that he might fly the plane into the ground based on this statement.  There was a wave of media reports calling for the pilot and the entire crew to be fired.  Also some commentators demanded that the pilots entire family and children be permanently barred from hold jobs due to the risk of radicalization they represent.  Zero reporters actually bothered to ask if it really happened.  It was all fake news, and it exposed who the actual dangerous lunatics are in our society. 

Carbon emissions represent a clear and present danger the future of humanity.  And also 400+ private jets are required to fly all the fancy people to Glasgow to talk about why excessive carbon emissions are a danger, and how you little people need to stop driving cars. 

The Climate Summit people can accurately predict the climate in 100 years.  They are demanding that we all switch to electric cars because of the accuracy of those dire predictions.  Also, they failed to correctly calculate the number of electric car charging stations required at the event, and so many cars attending the Summit were unable to find a place to recharge.   

American Airlines is experiencing ‘bad weather’ resulting in the cancellation of over 2,000 fights.  This has nothing to do with vaccine mandates, and everything to do with bad weather. In unrelated news, American Airline is shocked to learn that the traveling public can see the weather maps that indicate clear skies over 90% of North America. 

The COVID vaccines are being approved for children, the group that is statistically the safest from the effects of the disease.  No discussion of the potential side effects of the vaccine being more dangerous than the disease for this age group is permitted on social media.  In completely unrelated news, new outlets have begun running stories about how “heart attacks in kids are more common that you think” and ‘strokes in children are rare, but you shouldn’t be surprised…”.  These stories are in NO WAY connected to the upcoming wave of vaccines being forced on children despite there being zero evidence that COVID is a threat to children.

The COVID vaccine was approved for children despite the lack of long-term data on the effects because, in the words of one of the approving committee members ‘we have to give it to kids to find out what happens to them’.  In unrelated news, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine remain banned because despite millions of doses being administered over many years around the world, there is not enough data to take the risk of allowing doctors to prescribe that medicine for adults.

Joe Biden fell asleep during the opening speeches of the Climate Summit.   I don’t blame him.  Who could remain conscious for long with all that droning idiocy?

Monday, October 25, 2021

Another Great Week! Thanks Biden Voters!

Joe Biden froze in in place in an awkward Beavis pose for an extended period during a nationally televised Town Hall. No one noticed, apparently because it was on CNN, and none of the 7 viewers were actually paying attention.

Dr. Fauci and the NIH funded medical research where they drugged Beagle puppies, tied them down in a cage, and let sand fleas eat their faces while they were still alive. You know, ‘cuz #science. People are more outraged by the torture of a few dogs than they are by the torture of millions of school kids wearing Fauci mandated masks, but either way, Fauci is about to be cancelled.
Alec Baldwin, the extremely outspoken anti-gun celebrity, shot several people, killing one, while on the set of his new movie. Nice to know that Alec thinks guns are too dangerous for regular people and that gun culture is backwards and immoral, but that guns are just dandy as a way for him to make money as he promotes gun culture through his movies. Guns are for the elites, you see, not for the little people.
Joe Biden stopped building a wall at our southern border because ‘walls don’t work’ while making you pay to build a $500k wall around his beach house in order to make it safer for him and his family.
Joe Biden has turned 1.3 million illegal aliens loose in the interior of the country with no COVID tests or vaccine mandates and has also announced that all children of illegal aliens should get free education at your expense , but that you are mandated to get a vaccine, pay higher taxes, and American parent should be investigated by the FBI as a potential terrorist if you express an opinion on what your children are being taught in school.
Joe Biden cancelled an oil and gas pipeline from Canada, cancelled drilling permits, and refused to grant new oil reserve exploration permits. This reduced supply has driven gas prices higher, so Joe is asking Saudi Arabia to increase oil production while Putin is making record profits off of his Biden-approved gas pipeline to Europe. #AmericaLast
With China launching previously unknown hyper-sonic nuclear capable missiles, the Taliban running amok beheading female volleyball players for the crime of playing volleyball and murdering former US interpreters, and North Korea launching long range rockets, the Biden State Department has leapt into action to honor “International Pronoun Day” thus solving all of the world’s problems in a single memo.
Biden continued his legacy of prevarication and dishonesty by claiming that he has visited the US border (he has not) and that he participated in the MLK led civil rights movement (he did not) and claiming spending $3.5 Trillion is ‘paid for’. In unrelated news. Biden's Treasury Secretary proposed a ‘wealth tax’ to pay for Biden’s agenda and Jen Psaki clarified that ‘been to the border’ means ‘went near it during a campaign tour’. No word yet on how ‘the two-party system is good for the Negro’ Joe Biden will be connected to MLK by the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.
While our transportation networks and supply chains are collapsing creating economic havoc across the country, the Secretary of Transportation took a break from hyping high speed passenger trains to take a 3-month unannounced Paternity Leave to help his partner care for their newly adopted children. No word on how Pothole Pete is doing with the chestfeeding and bonding time, but he is expected to be back at work soon. Just kidding. He’s actually going on a speaking tour in support of Paternity Leave.
Parents in Virginia are upset that a transgender kid went into the women’s bathroom and raped little girls on multiple occasions and all of this was covered up by the school and the school board but the Virginia Governor thinks parents should have no say in what happens in schools and Barack Obama thinks the concern over a serial child rape cover up is ‘trumped up fake outrage’, so I guess we have that going for us.
Congrats on another great week, Biden Voters!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Nothing Burger of the Year

If you want to see an example of the Media's bias and racism...look no further than this glorious opinion piece in the Washington Post.

They claim that conservatives are having a 'hard time' dealing with the plan to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.
This is not only false, it is the opposite of the truth:
Harriet Tubman was a registered Republican, as was everyone who opposed slavery at that time.

The Republican party was expressly founded on an anti-Slavery platform. It was the Democrats that owned slaves and supported slavery.

Harriett Tubman carried a gun and was a vocal advocate for gun rights. She believed that blacks should arm themselves for protection against Democrat slave patrols and KKK raids. She opposed the gun control measures passed by Democrats in the South intended to disarm the newly freed blacks.

Harriet Tubman risked her life to transport freed slaves out of Democrat controlled slave states to Republican controlled free states.

The man that she would ostensibly be replacing, Andrew Jackson, was a Democrat that notoriously mistreated the indigenous people, breaking treaties and sending them on the 'Trail of Tears'.

The fact that the WaPo is fantasizing that conservatives are opposed to replacing a racist Democrat with a gun-toting, freedom-loving, bad-ass Republican on the $20 bill betrays their complete lack of historical knowledge and latent racism.

They assume that we would oppose Tubman simply because of the color of her skin... because that's how *they* judge people. Which is, of course, the way racists judge people.
Shame on you, Washington Post.

Here is a summary of the timeline:

  • Obama Administration 2016: Hey! Let's put Tubman on the 20!
  • Federal Reserve: Ok, well, we need to do a lot of technical stuff, that will take until 2028 to accomplish that...
  • Activists: Hey! The 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment is in 2020, let's introduce the Tubman bill in 2020!
  • Trump Admin: Uh, no, you can't really rush the process. There is a lot of anti-counterfeiting technical stuff.... the 2028 timeline is still the timeline.
  • New York Times: Trump cancels the Tubman $20 Bill! He's a raaaaacist!!!!
  • Federal Reserve: Uh, no, we have not canceled anything. This stuff just takes time.
  • The Rest of the Media: Trump hates Tubman and all black people and the Fed is terrified of him!!! Systemic Racism!!!!
  • Biden Administration: We are going to 'revive' a project that was never cancelled. See? We aren't racist like Orange Man Bad.

So, the bill is still in progress but the government moves very slowly. As per the usual arrangement, the media is lying, and those lies are now the generally accepted narrative.