Sunday, March 16, 2014

Re-populating Detroit won't help

There have been a number of proposals to fix what ails Detroit by importing hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants to help re-build the city.

This idea will not work.

The 67% decline in the population of Detroit is the symptom, not the cause, of the decline in that city.

People have fled Detroit because it has been ruled by Democrats for over 60 years and has implemented a number of anti-business, high tax, anti-freedom proposals.  The affluent and the middle class have the resources to relocate and they have done so in droves.  They fled the policies of socialism and decline.

Importing new people to live under the same failed policies won't change anything.

Those people will remain mired in poverty and dependence along side the current crop of residents of the Democratic plantation.

If you want to save Detroit you need to change the policies, not the people.

Socialism Works!

The latest news out of Venezuela is that there are massive food shortages and anti government demonstrations.

The Maduro regime, following the Chavez blueprint, has been loudly cheered on by the Useful Idiots of the world as they have aggressively implemented socialism.

Useful Idiot Poster Child Sean Penn
It took only 15 years of socialism to change Venezuela from the most productive and wealthiest nation in South America to a basket case that cannot feed it self.

See?  Socialism works!
Empty shelves... thanks Sean Penn!

This was entirely predictable.   What was surprising is the speed at which the country collapsed.  It took the Soviet Union 70 years to collapse, but here we see the economy implode in a little more than a decade.

Why so fast?

The modern technology dependent economy is much more fragile than the brute force agriculture and steel economy of the last century.

Farming depends on high tech tractors and bio-engineered seeds, not draft horses and gleaners.   Manufacturing companies are critically dependent on free trade and a global supply chain, not coal mines and steam locomotive driven trains.

When you block free trade and seize the assets of the corporations that are feeding your nation, they stop feeding your nation.  The gulf between modern agribusiness and traditional farming methods is huge -- enough to plunge the nation into famine.

Socialism works -- assuming your definition of works is 'destroys the economy'.
Socialism is the equal sharing of misery

The good news is that the modern economy can't survive for very long under socialism.

The Bolsheviks condemned millions to 70 years of oppression and poverty.  The Venezuelan's are lucky, their country won't last the year.