Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Election Fraud?

What it Look Like to Me…


The COVID pandemic is real but wildly exaggerated, and was used as a political weapon against Trump.  The media hyped it, Democrat state governments ordered draconian shutdowns, and there was a generalized hysteria.

The COVID pandemic panic was then used to justify massive changes to the way we vote.  These changes were used to enable rampant voter fraud.  Widespread use of Mail-in ballots, the proactive mailing of ballots out to all registered voters, extensions of deadlines, and more, all create opportunities for fraud. 

The Election Polls were wildly off, either because of ineptitude in tracking ‘shy Trump voters’, or bias in not believing the ‘shy Trump voter’ was real, or through deliberate malfeasance.   This created a sense the President was vulnerable beyond what the facts revealed. 

The Democrats used the polling data to estimate how much they had to cheat in certain crucial states.  They used the mail in ballots to effect voter fraud during the run up to the election.  The Media even ran cover stories predicting that the effects of the fraud would be seen in an early Trump lead with in person voting that would evaporate once the mail in ballots were tallied.   The fix was in, so to speak.

On election day it became apparent that the Democrats had under estimated the amount by which they needed to cheat.  They believed their own fake polls, it seems.  It looked like Trump was going to win easily on election night.  Betting markets and financial markets responded accordingly.  The Chinese Yuan began to sink, the stock market futures began to rise, and election betting sites favored Trump.

Then the Democrats hit the panic button. 

Vote counting was summarily halted in key states.  This is completely unprecedented.  While most state are able to count the ballots in a few hours, for some reason key states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and others just stopped counting.  During the ‘halt’, Republicans went home and Democrats secretly continued to count votes without supervision.   Massive piles of ballots were introduced with no chain of custody or proper validation.

The Democrats were panicked and began hastily creating additional fraudulent ballots.  They could no longer do this in a stealthy way, as the results were already in across most of the precincts.  The fraud was now more blatant and concentrated.  This is why you see 200% turn-out and massive same day voter registration in only a few Democrat controlled areas. This is why there are thousands of ballots with no votes recorded down ballot.  They didn’t have time to vote the full ballot and create enough votes to win the Presidential.  

When the counting resumes, they need to hide the irregularities.  Republican judges are barred, forced to stand back so far they cannot observe, or the windows of the counting room are papered over.  Massive fraud is alleged to have happened out of view of the election observers.   Ballots for Biden that should have been disqualified were accepted, and other ballots destroyed.  Memory sticks containing critical vote counts were ‘lost’ for several hours. The chain of custody for ballots and votes was broken all across the country. 


After all of this insanity, the results show Biden has pulled ahead.  The media declares him the winner.

But many questions remain.  The voting returns show massive abnormalities.  Beyond the 200% turnout numbers, the wildly ahistorical results, many of the patterns make no sense.  Milwaukee has massive voter turn out, but other similar cities like Cleveland show normal or below average turn out.  Mail-in ballot in swing states favor Biden by much wider margins than the same ballots in other states.  The vote tallies that don’t follow historical patterns are concentrated in Democrat controlled areas and the results always skew toward Biden.   The numbers themselves follow frequency patterns that would indicate fraud under other circumstances.   Widespread reports of fraud, deception, or just behavior that undermined our faith in the results.

There are a number of glitches, transposition errors and mistakes in every single swing state, and yet, somehow, the laws of chance are overthrown because every ‘error’ favors Joe Biden. 

When you add up all of the .00001% probability of happening in the absence of fraud occurrences, you can reach only one conclusion:  Election Fuckery was afoot.

It is obvious that the Democrat party has been playing fast and loose with the rules, and that the Trump wave was so large they were forced to cheat more than expected, thus exposing their malfeasance.

What remains to be seen is what, if anything, can or will be done about it.






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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Final Prediction:Trump

Here is my prediction for the 2020 Election: Trump wins a narrow victory after several weeks of lawsuits, fraud accusations, street violence, and hyperventilation by the Media. 

Reasons Trump Wins: 

  1.  The Polls are wrong.  5 years of screaming at people, punching people, and threatening their jobs and the lives if they express a pro-Trump thought will naturally create a lot of secret Trump support.  The error in the polls will be larger this time than in 2016. 
  2. The economy is too good.   54% of people polled said they were better of today than they were 4 years ago.  This is despite the terrible harm inflicted by the COVID shutdown policies.   People vote their pocketbook. 
  3. Minority support is at record levels.  The Black and Latino populations will still mostly vote for Democrats, but Trump has peeled off much higher numbers that any other candidate.  As much as 30% black support for Trump, according to some polls. 
  4. Violence does not sell.   People have had a good, long look at Democratic governance in the run up to this vote.  People are voting with the feet and moving out of cities, buying guns at a record pace, and preparing for street violence post-election. None of the first-time gun owners or new suburbanites are likely to vote for the party of the looters and the gun grabbers. 
  5. Voter Turn-out.  Joe Biden is not on the ballot.  Only ‘Trump’ and ‘Not Trump’ are on the ballot.  The Trump base is clearly more energized and is apparently voting in record numbers.  It will remain to be seen if the Not Trump enthusiasm can match the pro-Trump enthusiasm on election day.   Personally, I doubt it. 

The Democrats are being misled by the polls to think that this election is over.  They are in for a big surprise.  Trump is going to win, and they are not emotionally prepared for the loss.  This scenario, of course, creates a huge risk to the peaceful transition of power. 

Shocked by the loss, they will react exactly as they did in 2016, only this time on steroids. Since Trump is OrangeManBad, and everyone they know hates him, and he was losing in the polls, the only explanation for the Trump victory is some sort of malfeasance.  Last time it was Russian Interference, this time it will be a combination of fraud, voter suppression, racism, and, yes, more Russian interference. 

After the 2016 loss, we had investigations, hearings, impeachment, and more as ways to try to undo the election results.  This time there is a real threat of violence.   Antifa and BLM have already been rioting in the street over virtually any issue.  It won’t take much to get them out and destroying things.