Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wrong as Wrong Could Be

I posted a bunch of reasons why Romney should have won the election in a blowout yesterday.

They were thoughtful, well reasoned, pithy, and carefully crafted.

And completely wrong.

I had assumed that the coalition of the dependent was not quite at 50%, and that the overwhelmingly bad economic, social, and international results of this administration would prevent the re-election of Obama.

Well, I was wrong.

We have officially reached the tipping point. We are now a socialist country.

We now have more people in this country that will vote for more free stuff no matter what, than people that produce and want to be left alone.

This moment was predicted 200 years ago, and it has finally come to pass.

There has been a war for the hearts and minds of the American people for the past 80 years, and conservatives has lost on three fronts: Socially, demographically, and philosophically.

The philosophical battle was lost in the early part of the last century.  When the socialists saw that Americans would not revolt during the Great Depression, they knew they could never overthrow a country of educated, independent, free men.  So they decided to 'reform' education and create an army of young socialists.  They implemented a number of reforms over the past 100 years that have taught our younger generations to be good little communists.  When you think of grade school you think of the Dewey decimal system in the library, right?  Who was the communist candidate that failed in his presidential bid?  John Dewey.  'Nuff said.

The social battle was lost in the sixties when the hippies took over the culture.  The Left changed what we saw on TV, what we saw in movies, and the vocabulary of the conversation in every aspect of the culture.  We no longer made movies about the hero.  John Wayne was viewed as an anachronism.  The anti-hero became the new norm.  The enemy and the evil guys became businessmen and the church.   The regular American male was relentlessly mocked in Archie Bunker while the anti American socialists are the smart, funny, caring people.  The heroes are the socialists, the whistle blowers, the poor.    The police went from the Sheriff riding into to save the day, to the Bad Lieutenant, hooked on drugs and molesting teenagers. Perversions have been mainstreamed.  As Daniel Patrick Moynihan nailed it when he spoke of 'defining deviancy down'.  Traditional values are overthrown by mocking them.

The Demographic battle is being lost as we speak.  The Left has convinced the fastest growing segments of the population that the Republican party is evil.  Minorities have been brainwashed to believe that they must vote democratic or they are a traitor to their race.  People like Sowell, Dash, Rubio, and Thomas are pilloried as 'Uncle Tom's', assailed with death threats, and ridiculed in every way.  The door for illegal immigration has been flung wide open, with illegal status being normalized, and the illegal immigration being directed towards Third World countries.

Since 1965 we have been importing the dependent unskilled classes from the rest of the world, while barring the scientists, the ambitious, and the educated. 

This election is the result. 

We have allowed our country to be fundamentally transformed right before our eyes without any resistance.  

When you allow the socialists to teach your children and blare their philosophy on the airwaves 24x7, and let them import legions of loyal socialist supporters, you get a socialist country.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney in a Blowout

After all of my doom and gloom prognostication, I want to be the first to commend Mitt Romney for winning the Presidency in a massive blowout.

The Media has it's thumb on the scale as usual, but all the signs indicate that Mitt will win in a romp tomorrow:
  • All of the polls are massively over sampled with Democrats and Independents.  The latest poll has Obama and Romney tied at 49%, but the poll has 11% more Democrats in the sample.  This is supposed to compensate for the fact that Democrats turned out at +8 in the last election, and therefore a 50-50 sample would not be correct. There is no way that Democrats have +11 turnout, which would be 50% higher than when Obama-mania was at it's peak.  Romney is really leading by 5% if the samples were accurate.
  • Democrat voter identification is down from 2008.
  • Likely voters for Democrats are down from 2008.
  • Enthusiasm levels for Democrats are down from 2008.
  • Traditionally solid Democrat states are at risk in this election.  Both candidates are campaigning in PA, which tells you they both think Romney can win there.
  • MI is in play -- it is dead even in the last poll.
  • WI(!) is in play.  The latest polls from the state that sent us Russ Feingold show Romney withing the margin of error.
  • The Bradley Effect (where people are reluctant to tell pollsters that they are voting against the black guy) may reappear.  This has resulted in black candidates polling 3-5% better than the actually do  in the election.
  • The larger the sample size in the poll, the better Mitt Romney shows.  The large polls all have Mitt in the lead.  The small sample size polls are the only ones that show a lead for Obama.  When we do the largest possible poll on election day, Romney will prevail.
  • Last minute bungling on Benghazi and Sandy means Obama missed his last chance to appear Presidential before the election.  He got no bounce, and in fact has lost ground since these events.
  • Early voting is down 57% in Chicago.  This is a sign of waning enthusiasm in the Obama base.  If Chicago won't turn out, then no one is going to turn out.  And if Chicago does not turn out, Illinois is in play to fall into the Romney column.  If Obama's 'home' state won't vote for him, he has zero chance of getting re-elected.
  • Deep Blue Massachusetts has the Senate race tied between Brown and Warren.  If MA is electing Republicans (even RINO Republicans) then all is lost nationally for the Democrats.
  • Minnesota is showing Obama with a 1 point lead that is within the margin of error.  Minnesota elected Al Franken to the Senate, and now Obama is in a tie??
  • Rallies for Romney are attended in massive numbers, with stadiums overflowing and crowds spilling out of parks and theaters.  Crowds for Obama are anemic -- 200 people show up for Obama and Stevie Wonder, 8 people for Sandra Fluke, etc.  The Media sees the gap and is trying to inflate the Obama numbers.   They recently reported a crowd of 20,000 for an event held in an arena with a capacity of 12,000.  The the gap is so big that exaggeration no longer helps, they have to just make stuff up, even the mathematically impossible.
  • Team Obama can't stay on message.  'Vote for Revenge' is just the latest gaffe that dilutes the message and weakens Obama.
  • America has seen what the Democrat party is really like.  We saw them boo God and Israel three times before the platform was changed at the convention.  We see what happens when you put Democrats in charge of national security: the Mideast is in flames and our Ambassador is dead.  We see who his friends are: Putin, Chavez,
  • The economy is in a shambles.  Despite the rosy reporting from the media, people know that things are not right.  People vote their pocket books.
  • Obama and Biden are running to the right of Mitt Romney.  The latest speech from Biden could have been delivered by Ronald Reagan.  It was all about free markets and strong defense.  If they are that far to the right, you know the left wing crap is not selling this year.
  • The Left is threatening violence if Obama does not win.  Twitter is swamped with death threats and calls for rioting, and big name Obama supporters like Bill Maher are saying "Black people will come after you" if you vote for Romney.  This is an attempt to scare people that racial unrest will ensue if they don't vote Obama, and this is a sign of desperation.
  • Left wing religious people are less likely to vote for Obama.  Obama held a Catholics for Obama rally in CO.  45 people showed up.   Obama's tepid support for Israel has eroded his strong support among Jews.  These groups are a key constituency of the Left, and without them, Obama is sunk.
  • Support among black people has eroded in the wake of Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage.  There are a large number of Black pastors who are not supporting Obama, and gay marriage is very unpopular among blacks.  While this might not get people to vote for Romney, it will likely lower turnout from 2008 levels.
The signs are everywhere and they are unmistakable. 

Romney will over come the huge advantage of Media bias.  He will prevail over rampant cheating and ballot stuffing by Democrats.  He will prevail over 20,000 union thugs assigned to intimidate voters are polling places.  He will prevail over Black Panthers, threats of riots, and warnings of racial strife. 

Romney will win, and he will win in a massive blow out.