Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Over Throw a Republic

There is a great deal of speculation about the future of the American Republic. 

One thing seems pretty clear: we are screwed.

We are running a $1,600 Billion deficit this year, just like we did last year.  The current Fiscal Cliff debate is centered on a 10% spending cut.

They are looking to cut $110 Billion from the budget and acting as though it is the end of the world.   The Paul Ryan budget still ran us trillions of dollars more into the red, and we have no chance of even getting close to that.

In other words, if we go over the cliff and make these cuts, we will still run a deficit of $1,500 billion.

There is obviously no serious consideration being given to actually balancing the budget.   We will be running permanent trillion dollar deficits, forever.  Well, not forever.  Just until the world runs our of money to lend us.  This will happen within the next few years.

At that point, we will need to cut spending by 50%.  If we are calling 10% cuts the 'fiscal cliff', what will we call 50% cuts?

It will be the end of the world.

Social Security and Medicaid will be more than 50% of the budget by then.  We will have to eliminate the entire military, all government programs, everything.  And we still won't have the cash to pay those two programs alone.   This will plunge us in to depression, subject us to attacks from our enemies, cause riots in the streets, and the end of the dollar as a viable currency. 

What happens when 75 million people are unemployed and not getting the food stamps or housing assistance they depend upon is not hard to figure out.

Our entire nation will collapse.  Not because we need big government, but because we have so many people that are totally dependent on the government.  When that gravy train ends, they will be compelled to do something else in order to live.  That 'thing' will most likely take the form of riots and looting.  Just look at Greece.

This is obvious and well documented, yet we continue full speed ahead towards our doom.

So what can the end game be?  How can people who love this country engage in behavior that will surely ruin us?

The answer is simple:  They want us to collapse.  They want see the end of America as a global power.  They want to see our current system of government replaced with a socialistic totalitarian state.

There really is no other conclusion that you can reasonably reach.