Monday, May 4, 2020

No, We are NOT all in this together

As the Corona virus pandemic stretches into infinity, we are being subjected to a relentless campaign of unity slogans such as the insipid “we are all in this together”.

No.  We are not.

Some Americans are making huge sacrifices. They have lost their jobs, shuttered their small businesses, or closed their restaurant or hair salon.  Some of us are seeing our lives destroyed in the effort to tamp down the spread of the virus. 

Some Americans are making small sacrifices.  They are working from home, not going out to eat or party, not getting their hair cut or colored.  They are slightly inconvenienced by the whole ordeal, but it is not catastrophic for them. 

Some Americans are not sacrificing at all.  They are not confined to their homes.  They have not lost their jobs. In fact, they are gaining vast amounts of power and publicity as they sail through this crisis untouched.  Politicians, TV hosts, internet bloggers, and other talking heads are loving every minute of this disaster.  

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot shuts down the entire city, threatening police action and arrests for those who violate her edicts while she violates her own rules by getting her haircut.  Why, you ask?  Well, she needs to have a haircut, you see.  She is more important than you.

Chris Cuomo claims to have COVID-19 and is self-quarantining.  Until he goes to the Hamptons and tries to run over a cyclist.

Wealthy scion and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker confines everyone to their homes for months.   When asked why his wife was allowed to travel out of state, the Governor bristled “leave my family out of it”.

The elites are jetting off to summer homes or sending Facebook updates about their epic sacrifices from their 15,000 sf mansions. They have not missed a paycheck or struggled to pay for rent or groceries.  Sure, they had to reduce the hours of the downstairs maid, and that has been a challenge, but they have not had any real impact.

Worse still is that the unemployed and the financially distraught are being told by the unaffected elites that the sacrifices should continue.  Shelter in place order are being extended for months in places that are largely unaffected by the virus.

The infuriating part is to hear all the elites and politicians that are unaffected, or worse, enjoying new found power, telling the unemployed and devastated ‘we are all in this together’.

No, we are not.