Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid does...

Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies of all time.  It makes me cry every time I watch it.

It is not only a great film with wonderful acting, state of the arts special effects, and a tear-jerker of a story, it serves as a morality play for the the modern era.

I don't pretend to understand what the motivations of the people involved in the film were, other than to make great art and more a lot of money, of course.  But I do know that they have created a snapshot of the last half century that clearly defines the Left from the Right in this country.

Robin Wright plays Jenny, the abused and neglected child that grows up to be a stripper, drug abuser, free love hippie, and communist that eventually dies of AIDS.  She lies, she degrades herself, she abandons people, and otherwise destroys herself in the pursuit of hedonism.
Tom Hanks plays Forrest Gump, the mentally challenged boy who grows up to be a college sports hero, a warrior that wins the medal of honor, a business man, philanthropist, and loyal and devoted lover and husband.  He defends women's honor, keeps his word, works hard, makes a great fortune, gives it away to those to whom he is in debt, and protects and nurtures the ones he loves.

The contrast between the leading characters could not be more stark, and the lives that they lead  could not be more different.

We are not told about Forrest Gump's politics, but we see where Jenny stands. She hangs out with the abusive leader of the SDS and the Black Panthers, and attends an anti-war rally.

We can presume that Forrest's politics would be opposed to this leftist milieu, but this is presumably confirmed when Forrest becomes the mortal enemy of the commies when he defends Jenny against the SDS hippie who hits her.

So what does this movie tell us?

Does it say that everyone who plays sports, serves their country, works hard, keep promises, starts a business and gives back to the community is a low IQ moron?

Or that the hip and cool people take drugs, have recreational sex, and rage against the machine?

Well, in the end, the results of these lifestyles becomes clear.

The intelligent, hedonistic, self absorbed, anti-Establishment, and anti-capitalistic lifestyle ends badly when Jenny is dying of AIDS and leaving a young son to make it in the world alone. Even during her life she seems empty and unfulfilled, constantly searching and never finding.

The simple life, where honor and courage matters, promises are kept, our country is served, hard work is done, risks are taken, charity is given, and love is eternal results in a young man being loved and raised by his father.  Forrest is simple, but he puts everything into the task at hand, and he never wavers or breaks his promises.

While it is possible to read too much into a film, I think the message is loud and clear.

The self absorbed lifestyle of the Left ends in personal ruin, while a life based on serving others with honor gives better results.

When you view Obama and the modern Left through the lens of Forrest Gump, it becomes very apparent who the stupid ones are in this world.

Forget Sharia, let's use Klingon Law

The United States government has officially lost it's mind.

There is currently a debate over the enforcement of Sharia law in our courts.  Several US courts have overturned bans on enforcing Sharia law in the US, claiming that it create religious discrimination.

Those in favor of the ban on Sharia in US courts make a few interesting points:
  • Sharia is antithetical to US law as it does not provide equal protection to women
  • Sharia provides for punishments that would be 'cruel and unusual' and therefore unconstitutional
Those against banning sharia claim that banning it would discriminate against Muslims and create a hostile legal environment.

I would like to point out the following: This is an insane conversation!  It misses the most important point: Sharia law is NOT THE LAW.

To wit:

Sharia law has not been passed by a legislature and is therefore not the law.  Period.  It is NON-LAW.

Passing a law that says judges can only use the laws passed by the legislature to interpret the law is, well, redundant.  

What the hell are judges using now if not the laws that have been passed?  Since when does a judge think they have the power to use laws that have not been passed to interpret the law??

Who actually thinks that we should use laws from other places to interpret our laws? 

"Hi, you are under arrest for selling alcohol."

"But, it is legal to sell alcohol here in Illinois"

"Yes, but we are using Arkansas law for this, so you are guilty"

This is absurd.  You are subject only to the laws of the jurisdiction that you are in, not the laws of some other land.

It is literally insane that we are having this discussion.

If I walked into a courtroom and demanded that the case be tried under Klingon law as laid out in the Star Trek series, they would laugh me out of court.

Why?  Because Klingon law is NOT THE LAW.  It is non-law.

So why in the heck are we even talking about enforcing other non-laws in our courts of law?

It is not relevant to the discussion that Sharia is a hateful 7th century mysticism that is mired in bigotry and misogyny.  What matters is that it is NOT the law.  Even if Sharia law was all sunshine, ponies and flowers, it would still be non-law.

How have we so badly lost our bearings that courts are rendering decisions that allow the use of non-laws to be used to interpret the law?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Dumb can Catholics be?

In the wake of Obama's demands that Catholic institutions provide free contraceptives and abortions, the Catholic Church has started to fight back.... by surrendering.

Oh, sure, the Catholic Church is making some noise.  They are claiming that they are going to fight back. They have filed lawsuits.  But when it comes time to make hard choices, the idiots running these places decide to surrender without a whimper.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville, a small Catholic college in Ohio has been providing insurance to its students and faculty for many years.  It is now dropping that coverage due to the Obama regime's requirements and the increased cost due to other mandated coverages.

This is exactly the wrong response.

This is what Obama and the Left want to happen.  Now all these students will have no coverage or have to run to the open arms of the Federal Government.

Stupid, retarded, moronic, cowardly Catholic leadership.

The correct response to to ignore the Unconstitutional mandates and carry on as before.

Tell the Feds to screw.  Dare them to arrest you for the crime of freely exercising your religion.

When they send you letters throw them in the trash.  When the show up with guns force them to arrest you and close the place down.  Do not surrender.  

Make it very clear who the bad guys are, and who is using force.

By dropping health coverage you not only push more people into dependency, you allow the Left to paint you as uncaring and greedy.

"See? The Church does not care about women.  It will kick you to the curb rather than pay a few extra dollars to protect your health.  Only the Democrats really care about you, and we will give you lots of free goodies if you vote for us".

I was worried that the Catholic laity did not possess the faith and fortitude to resist the temptation of filthy lucre from the devil of statism.  Now we see that the  leadership is even weaker and more craven than the people themselves.

If this is the best that the Catholics can do, we are doomed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Worst. President. Ever.

As we draw closer to the end of Obama's first term I think we can officially call it: Worst. President. Ever.

There are a few ways to measure his 'success':
  • Economy -- His performance in this area is rivaled only by that of Hoover and FDR.  The damage done by FDR is huge, but we have survived 80 years or so since he left office.  I doubt we will last 80 years with the debt that Obama has run up, and the wholesale nationalization of industries.  The subsidization of 'green' companies has destroyed billions in wealth and created huge future liabilities.  The denial of the Keystone pipeline alone will cause billions in economic damage and almost guarantee a future environmental disaster as the oil is shipped to China.
  • Foreign Policy -- the legacy of Obama will be the 'Arab Spring' that he so actively promoted. IT has turned out to be nothing more than Islamo-fascists rising to power all over the Mideast.  We are helping replace moderately bad regimes with evil Islamic theocracies that will engulf the region in the flames of war within the next 18 months. Our Allies have been snubbed and our enemies have been coddled while Obama bows down before the Saudi King. The has promised to unilaterally disarm, and to 'be more flexible' with the Russians after he is no longer accountable to the voters.
  • Forward!
  • Legal and Civil Society -- Obama has destroyed the Rule of Law.  When Black Panthers walk because they are black, and George Zimmerman is charged because he is 'white', we have lost the rule of law.  When Arizona is sued by the DoJ of enforcing Federal Laws, and when Obama ignores court orders, overrides bankruptcy laws, install unelected officials as 'czars', and appoints officials without Senate approval, we have lost the rule of law.  When Obama makes overt threats against the other branches of government, when Congress 'deems' laws to have been passed instead of voting on them, and when the President ignores the will of Congress and funds foreign powers and projects, we have lost the rule of law.  He has fanned the flames of racial tensions and will be largely responsible when these fevers erupt in rioting and racial violence. His brand of proto-socialist class warfare is dividing the country along economic lines as much as he is dividing us along racial lines. His support of the Occupy Wall Street thugs and low lifes says a lot about where his sympathies lie.
Each of these areas has been an unmitigated disaster for the United States.  Obama and his team have proven themselves unprepared (at best), incompetent (very likely) or actively opposed to American ideals (increasingly likely).

We will know very soon what the future impact of the Obama administration will be. The damage to our economy, our allies. our civil society are huge and will be manifest in short order. The CBO is now predicting that we will 'hit a wall' in 2015. In other words, the United States of America will cease to exist in 36 months due to the mismanagement of Obamanomics alone. The CBO makes no comment on the coming race wars and Islamic revolution.

Obama:  Worst. President. Ever.




Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Global Warming Theology

The Global Warming people have finally just come out and admitted that what they preach is not science, but religion.

As a religion, it has it's holy writ, it's ceremonies, and it's sacrifices.  It also has a message for all you heathens out there:

The angry, birth-giving God, judging human sin against the planet is the theological reflection we Christian theologians need to provide for Earth Day 2012, and from now on. Our message to the whole society must be strong and direct so that people can grasp the extent to which climate catastrophe is already starting, and we must act.

God is judging our sin against the planet, and She is very, very angry about it.

May Day, and the rise of Laziness

The Socialists and Anarchists from the Occupy movement are trying to create a general strike on May 1. 

So far it looks like a huge non-event.  But they are trying really hard to advertise this.  Here are some examples of ads they are using to entice people to protest.
 “Work, it takes so much from us. Other than headaches and hassles, it gives back so little”

“We are forced to sell our bodies and our time to survive. Every day we work, and everyday you squeeze your profit from our labor”

It is truly amazing how ignorant some people can be.

Apparently they subscribe to Rousseau's world view where noble savages idled their days away in the garden of Eden. It has not occurred to them that mere survival is damn hard work.

Not one of these hot house flowers would last a week if the had to exist outside the comfort and protection of the  modern industrial society they hate so much.

The amount of work required to live has dropped precipitously since the industrial revolution. 40 hour work week too much for you? Try working 80-100 hours a week to survive on a pre-industrial farm.

If you think the 'evil bosses' are exploiting you with their factories and capital-driven businesses, try living without them. Go live for a month without anything produced for you by a corporation or gained through free trade.  Then we shall see who needs whom.

One final rant: no one is forcing them to do anything. There is no such thing as 'wage slavery'. Shut the hell up and leave us alone. Seriously, there are many places on the globe where you will not be exploited by 'wage slavery'. Go there, please, give it a try.  

But be sure to bring a gun so that you can avoid the actual slavery that is so prevalent in those areas of the world.  And make sure your shots are up to date...