Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Worst. President. Ever.

As we draw closer to the end of Obama's first term I think we can officially call it: Worst. President. Ever.

There are a few ways to measure his 'success':
  • Economy -- His performance in this area is rivaled only by that of Hoover and FDR.  The damage done by FDR is huge, but we have survived 80 years or so since he left office.  I doubt we will last 80 years with the debt that Obama has run up, and the wholesale nationalization of industries.  The subsidization of 'green' companies has destroyed billions in wealth and created huge future liabilities.  The denial of the Keystone pipeline alone will cause billions in economic damage and almost guarantee a future environmental disaster as the oil is shipped to China.
  • Foreign Policy -- the legacy of Obama will be the 'Arab Spring' that he so actively promoted. IT has turned out to be nothing more than Islamo-fascists rising to power all over the Mideast.  We are helping replace moderately bad regimes with evil Islamic theocracies that will engulf the region in the flames of war within the next 18 months. Our Allies have been snubbed and our enemies have been coddled while Obama bows down before the Saudi King. The has promised to unilaterally disarm, and to 'be more flexible' with the Russians after he is no longer accountable to the voters.
  • Forward!
  • Legal and Civil Society -- Obama has destroyed the Rule of Law.  When Black Panthers walk because they are black, and George Zimmerman is charged because he is 'white', we have lost the rule of law.  When Arizona is sued by the DoJ of enforcing Federal Laws, and when Obama ignores court orders, overrides bankruptcy laws, install unelected officials as 'czars', and appoints officials without Senate approval, we have lost the rule of law.  When Obama makes overt threats against the other branches of government, when Congress 'deems' laws to have been passed instead of voting on them, and when the President ignores the will of Congress and funds foreign powers and projects, we have lost the rule of law.  He has fanned the flames of racial tensions and will be largely responsible when these fevers erupt in rioting and racial violence. His brand of proto-socialist class warfare is dividing the country along economic lines as much as he is dividing us along racial lines. His support of the Occupy Wall Street thugs and low lifes says a lot about where his sympathies lie.
Each of these areas has been an unmitigated disaster for the United States.  Obama and his team have proven themselves unprepared (at best), incompetent (very likely) or actively opposed to American ideals (increasingly likely).

We will know very soon what the future impact of the Obama administration will be. The damage to our economy, our allies. our civil society are huge and will be manifest in short order. The CBO is now predicting that we will 'hit a wall' in 2015. In other words, the United States of America will cease to exist in 36 months due to the mismanagement of Obamanomics alone. The CBO makes no comment on the coming race wars and Islamic revolution.

Obama:  Worst. President. Ever.




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