Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Day, and the rise of Laziness

The Socialists and Anarchists from the Occupy movement are trying to create a general strike on May 1. 

So far it looks like a huge non-event.  But they are trying really hard to advertise this.  Here are some examples of ads they are using to entice people to protest.
 “Work, it takes so much from us. Other than headaches and hassles, it gives back so little”

“We are forced to sell our bodies and our time to survive. Every day we work, and everyday you squeeze your profit from our labor”

It is truly amazing how ignorant some people can be.

Apparently they subscribe to Rousseau's world view where noble savages idled their days away in the garden of Eden. It has not occurred to them that mere survival is damn hard work.

Not one of these hot house flowers would last a week if the had to exist outside the comfort and protection of the  modern industrial society they hate so much.

The amount of work required to live has dropped precipitously since the industrial revolution. 40 hour work week too much for you? Try working 80-100 hours a week to survive on a pre-industrial farm.

If you think the 'evil bosses' are exploiting you with their factories and capital-driven businesses, try living without them. Go live for a month without anything produced for you by a corporation or gained through free trade.  Then we shall see who needs whom.

One final rant: no one is forcing them to do anything. There is no such thing as 'wage slavery'. Shut the hell up and leave us alone. Seriously, there are many places on the globe where you will not be exploited by 'wage slavery'. Go there, please, give it a try.  

But be sure to bring a gun so that you can avoid the actual slavery that is so prevalent in those areas of the world.  And make sure your shots are up to date...

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