Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stupid is as Stupid does...

Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies of all time.  It makes me cry every time I watch it.

It is not only a great film with wonderful acting, state of the arts special effects, and a tear-jerker of a story, it serves as a morality play for the the modern era.

I don't pretend to understand what the motivations of the people involved in the film were, other than to make great art and more a lot of money, of course.  But I do know that they have created a snapshot of the last half century that clearly defines the Left from the Right in this country.

Robin Wright plays Jenny, the abused and neglected child that grows up to be a stripper, drug abuser, free love hippie, and communist that eventually dies of AIDS.  She lies, she degrades herself, she abandons people, and otherwise destroys herself in the pursuit of hedonism.
Tom Hanks plays Forrest Gump, the mentally challenged boy who grows up to be a college sports hero, a warrior that wins the medal of honor, a business man, philanthropist, and loyal and devoted lover and husband.  He defends women's honor, keeps his word, works hard, makes a great fortune, gives it away to those to whom he is in debt, and protects and nurtures the ones he loves.

The contrast between the leading characters could not be more stark, and the lives that they lead  could not be more different.

We are not told about Forrest Gump's politics, but we see where Jenny stands. She hangs out with the abusive leader of the SDS and the Black Panthers, and attends an anti-war rally.

We can presume that Forrest's politics would be opposed to this leftist milieu, but this is presumably confirmed when Forrest becomes the mortal enemy of the commies when he defends Jenny against the SDS hippie who hits her.

So what does this movie tell us?

Does it say that everyone who plays sports, serves their country, works hard, keep promises, starts a business and gives back to the community is a low IQ moron?

Or that the hip and cool people take drugs, have recreational sex, and rage against the machine?

Well, in the end, the results of these lifestyles becomes clear.

The intelligent, hedonistic, self absorbed, anti-Establishment, and anti-capitalistic lifestyle ends badly when Jenny is dying of AIDS and leaving a young son to make it in the world alone. Even during her life she seems empty and unfulfilled, constantly searching and never finding.

The simple life, where honor and courage matters, promises are kept, our country is served, hard work is done, risks are taken, charity is given, and love is eternal results in a young man being loved and raised by his father.  Forrest is simple, but he puts everything into the task at hand, and he never wavers or breaks his promises.

While it is possible to read too much into a film, I think the message is loud and clear.

The self absorbed lifestyle of the Left ends in personal ruin, while a life based on serving others with honor gives better results.

When you view Obama and the modern Left through the lens of Forrest Gump, it becomes very apparent who the stupid ones are in this world.

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