Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Why are Academics all Commies?


The vast majority of Academics are Marxists, or at the very least, socialist. 

But why?  What is it about being an Academic that makes them so inclined toward the advocacy of oppression, mass murder, and unbearable poverty?

They will claim it is because they are so smart.  You see, only the rubes and the fly-over country hicks would fall for the lies of Capitalism.  They are woke because they are brilliant.   Or so they would claim. 

Their intelligence does play a factor, but not in the way that they think. 

The typical Leftist professor or grad student is smarter than average.  That fact made them the stars of their grade school and higher education experience.   They were book smart, so they got the best grades, and got lavish praise from the teachers.  They were at the top of the Academic rewards system.

The other kids in school couldn’t keep up with them. 

The quarterback with the great hair and a winning smile didn’t understand calculus.  The Academic had to tutor him on weekends so the dumb jock could squeak past with a C average.  

The bouncy cheerleader with her insipid enthusiasm for life struggled to understand Shakespeare.  That annoying bimbo didn’t know that the Academic exists, but he was comforted knowing she couldn’t write a coherent paragraph about Proust. 

The burnouts in the smoker’s circle aren’t even worth the Academic’s time.  Those kids were high half the time, and didn’t even bother trying the rest of the time.  They were the bottom of the intellectual pyramid, and the Academic sneered  as he walked past them on the way to the library. 

In the Academic setting, all was right with the world.  The smart kid was on top and got all the rewards, and the lesser intellects of the frat boys, jocks, cheerleaders and burnouts couldn’t compete even if they shunned him socially and failed to notice he exists outside of the classroom. 

But then they go back for their High School or college reunion.   Things have changed, and not for the better from the perspective of the Academic.  

The Academic is now working as a grad school student or Teaching Assistant.  He is making $18,000 a year. Some of his Academic friends have left the cloistered world of the university and are now unemployed, working as a barista, or perhaps they are a wage slave at the Apple store making slightly above minimum wage. Between all of them only one has a working car, a run-down old Subaru that smells slightly of patchouli and hemp. 

The quarterback jock with the charismatic smile is now the VP of Sales for some VC-funded software startup.  He has options valued at over $5 million, and a Porsche in the driveway.  He is wearing a suit that costs more than the Academic makes in a month. 

The vapid cheerleader is now a real estate broker selling houses in the high-end suburb where she lives with her well-scrubbedand well-mannered children.  She works part time while taking care of the family, and pulls down almost $150,000 in commissions a year.  

The burnout became a plumber.  He still smokes some weed, but his plumbing business has taken off and is now running 3 full-time crews. He has a small cottage at the lake and pulls a $35,000 bass boat behind his $75,000 pickup truck.  

The Academic looks at this and recoils in horror.  Something is very wrong. 

He is the smart one.  He is the one that should be rewarded, not these lesser intellects. Something is desperately wrong. 

When confronted with the reality that everyone he hates and everyone to which he is intellectually superior are way more successful in life, he must face the facts: something is wrong with him, or something is wrong with the system. 

Well, you know which option all Academics chooseHe blames the system.

Capitalism is flawed and broken by virtue of the fact that the intellectual is not on top.  When the frat boys, jocks and burnouts are more successful and have more stuff then the Academic, it is proof positive that capitalism is evil and flawed.  

If the capitalist world were fair, the Academic would have a Porsche and a lake house, not the knuckle draggers.  The fact that the stupid kids he tutored have those things fills the Academic with envy and rage, and the insatiable desire to burn it all down.


So the Academic turns to radical Marxism.   

He is assured by the Marxists that his abject failure as a human is not his fault, but rather it is the oppressive patriarchy of Capitalism and Western Civilization that is keeping him down.  Marxism relieves him of the guilt of not being successful while promising to wreak revenge on his lessers once the balance of power has shifted: 

Just wait till the revolution, Jocko. We will see how much your stock options are worth when we nationalize your little company. The People’s Compensation Committee will wipe that affable smile right off your smarmy face. 

Let’s see you ignore me now, little miss cheerleaderI run the People’s Food Distribution committee.  Let’s see how well your bratty kids fare on half rations, you bubbly bitch. You’ll be begging me for a favor, won’t you?

How well does that boat run now, plumber boy? The People’s Committee on Energy Independence has converted all fossil fuels to solar power and renewables, so let’s see you run those 275hp Mercury Marine outboards across the lake on soy bean oil. Oh, by the way, we are outlawing your pickup truck.  You can apply for a permit to own a Prius to carry your stupid plumbers gear around. 

The Academic can’t admit that intelligence is not the only factor in human success.  He cannot abide the fact charisma, persistence, enthusiasm, and plain old hard work are rewarded more than a lazy intellect.  Since he cannot compete in a capitalist world, he must tear it all down and rule over the ashes.   

This underlying anger and pathology explains the rage and hostility of the Academics Marxists.  They blame the system for their personal inadequacies. They are projecting the blackness of their soul on the system as a whole.