Thursday, July 19, 2018

New York Times Opines on 'Legal Rules'

The 'legal rules' that the New York Times are complaining about is the law Congress passed in 1952 giving the President complete control over who enters the country.  So this headline actually should read, "The Supreme Court upheld the plain meaning of the law". 

This is why people no longer trust the media -- they are either lying outright, or twisting words beyond recognition. 

IQ, the new gold standard

Hotel California, ICE Style

No Direct Flights to Wisconsin....?

Nancy Pelosi and a thousand points of MS-13

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously defended MS-13 gang members against charges that they are 'animals' by noting the "spark of divinity" in them.   Well, not quite 'famously'.  You have to scroll down through several pages of Google search to find a MSM outlet that mentioned the quote, and even then you have to go all the way to the bottom paragraph of the story to find it mentioned.  

Then this happened...

Gun Twitter -- the gift that keeps on giving

Captcha is Savage

Hillary, Chris Stevens wants to talk to you about defending diplomats...

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