Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Dumb can Catholics be?

In the wake of Obama's demands that Catholic institutions provide free contraceptives and abortions, the Catholic Church has started to fight back.... by surrendering.

Oh, sure, the Catholic Church is making some noise.  They are claiming that they are going to fight back. They have filed lawsuits.  But when it comes time to make hard choices, the idiots running these places decide to surrender without a whimper.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville, a small Catholic college in Ohio has been providing insurance to its students and faculty for many years.  It is now dropping that coverage due to the Obama regime's requirements and the increased cost due to other mandated coverages.

This is exactly the wrong response.

This is what Obama and the Left want to happen.  Now all these students will have no coverage or have to run to the open arms of the Federal Government.

Stupid, retarded, moronic, cowardly Catholic leadership.

The correct response to to ignore the Unconstitutional mandates and carry on as before.

Tell the Feds to screw.  Dare them to arrest you for the crime of freely exercising your religion.

When they send you letters throw them in the trash.  When the show up with guns force them to arrest you and close the place down.  Do not surrender.  

Make it very clear who the bad guys are, and who is using force.

By dropping health coverage you not only push more people into dependency, you allow the Left to paint you as uncaring and greedy.

"See? The Church does not care about women.  It will kick you to the curb rather than pay a few extra dollars to protect your health.  Only the Democrats really care about you, and we will give you lots of free goodies if you vote for us".

I was worried that the Catholic laity did not possess the faith and fortitude to resist the temptation of filthy lucre from the devil of statism.  Now we see that the  leadership is even weaker and more craven than the people themselves.

If this is the best that the Catholics can do, we are doomed.

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