Thursday, May 12, 2016

Venezuela Feels the Bern

The PanAm Post is now reporting  "Hungry Venezuelans Hunt Dogs, Cats, Pigeons as Food Runs Out"

Ain't socialism grand?

Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.  Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger.

A Yellow Lunch-brador Retriever
Venezuela is circling the drain.  They implemented a socialist economic plan that Bernie Sanders would be proud of, and the economy is now collapsing around them.  

This cannot go on much longer.  The people are hungry and will soon be starving.  An uprising is coming soon.

Unfortunately, the uprising will come with Obama in office, and he will surely back the Maduro government and it's neo-communist policies.  

It has taken a mere 15 years to reduce Venezuela from the richest and most successful country in South America to an economic and social train wreck.

The signs of economic and social collapse continue to mount.  The article goes on to note:

Shortages of everything but Police and Guns
The population’s desperation has begun to show, with looting and robberies for food increasing all the time. This Sunday, May 1, six Venezuelan military officials were arrested for stealing goats to ease their hunger, as there was no food at the Fort Manaure military base. The week before, various regions of the country saw widespread looting of shopping malls, pharmacies, supermarkets and food trucks, all while people chanted “we are hungry.”

Not so shockingly, none of this has been reported in the media in the US.  When the society collapses, it will be reported as the result of low oil prices, not the inevitable results of 15 years of communist bungling and economic malfeasance.

An entire nation destroyed, and thousands of lives are at risk because they voted themselves some nice comfy socialism.  

Feeling the Bern yet, America?

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