Thursday, March 31, 2011

Intellectual Laziness

Micheal Moore was recently quote as saying some really silly stuff.  His point of view is consistently leftist, with a smattering of outright communism.  His films are shoddy propaganda, so much so, in fact, that Cuba banned his film that touted the Cuban health system.  The Cubans found it to be too biased, and were worried that the Cuban people would be upset by the depiction of a health care system they never have access to.

I am not making this up.  Micheal Moore is too leftist for the commies.

So now Moore is quoted with a factual error, claiming that we are the oldest democracy.

ROSEANNE BARR: Doesn’t it look like we’re all kind of really go to war against all Muslim people? I mean, it’s like five nations now. It’s scary.

MOORE: And I think if you live in the Muslim world, you’re scared by that too. That’s why I think our involvement in this has got to be of a different caliber than military. We can provide other things. I mean we’re the oldest democracy in the history of the world.

Since we are neither a democracy (we are representative constitutional republic) nor the oldest (I think Athens gets the honors here), people are mocking the fat man for getting his facts wrong.  This is a trivial mistake, but one that right wingers would be mocked and derided for making. 

But this is not new for Moore.  All of his facts are wrong or distorted. 

This is what happens when you think you are smarter than you really are, and no one ever challenges your assertions.

I am sure Michael Moore is a reasonably intelligent guy. He is able to make movies, speak in sentences, etc.
But he is convinced that he is smarter than he really is. He has high verbal intelligence, and that is often mistaken for being smart.  This particularly true in the media world where being able to speak well  is considered proof of intelligence. 

And no one ever challenges him on the facts. So he gets intellectually lazy.

Compare and contrast someone like Ann Coulter. Every fact, every comma, every word she says or writes is ‘fact checked’ by the Left. So Ann is careful to do research and back her assertions with facts.

Moore does not get fact checked. Ever. So he is free to be intellectually lazy (and by the look of him, lazy in a number of other ways as well).

So Moore is free to serve up a dog’s breakfast of feelings, illogical assertions, and incorrect facts as the The Truth. He is free to pontificate utter nonsense and communist talking points.  He is free to advocate the demise of the very system that allows him to exist in the first place.  (Name another place in the world where Moore could make the films that he makes and survive.)

And no one ever challenges him on it.

So he continues to stumble along, spouting propaganda and gibberish, all the while being adored by the Left.

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