Monday, March 14, 2011

Hypocrite, thy name is the MSM

Ok, this is a fairly shopworn topic, but I can only take so much before I snap.

The Mainstream Media is so over-the-top hypocritical that even satire is no longer possible.

One example:

Several months ago a congresswoman from Arizona was shot.  The MSM immediately blamed Sara Palin and the 'angry tone' of the Tea Party right for inspiring the shooter.  The fact that the shooter was a statanist with no ties to anything remotely associated with either Palin or the Tea Party did not matter.  We were subjected to weeks of coverage demanding a 'new civility' and endless moralizing about the use of certain words and phrases. 

So without a single example of threats or any other connection to the right, we get endless coverage of the need to take the 'heated rhetoric' out of politics.

Now we have a little disagreement in Wisconsin over the rights of government Unions to collectively bargain.  The professional Left turns out in droves to protest, and the mobs turn angry.  There are pictures of Gov. Walker as Hitler, pictures with crosshairs, signs demanding violence, and actual death threats.  Yes.  Actual threats of bombs and murder from the Left.

And what do we hear from the MSM?  Nothing.  Calls for civility? Connections between the violence and the leaders of the Left? Nope. 

Instead, the MSM joins in with the linguistic violence.  This week in Time Magazine, they call the Govenor a deadman, with a headline calling him a 'deadman Walker".

So much for the new civility.

There is no longer even a pretense at fairness or balance.  In fact, there is not even an effort to make it News.  It is pure propaganda.

And it is so over the top biased as to defy parody.  How do you lampoon something that is already a joke?

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