Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hannity is missing the point!

Sean Hannity is a great American.  But he completely missed the point in this debate.

He is talking with Michelle Bachman and Anthony Weiner about budget, taxes, and spending. 

Rep. Weiner is a left wing lunatic, who cackles mirthlessly and repeats the same statement: :we have a deficit because we gave tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires and we have to pay for that".

Hannity proceed to argue on the details: Obama signed it, the rich pay enough now, we spend too much.

Weiner say in response "one of the ways we spend money is by giving to millionaires and billionaires.

Hannity continues on, and the never really reach a conclusion, other than Weiner laughing like a psychotic.

Sean misses the point completely by not rejecting the premise of the point: tax cuts are not "spending money".  When people keep their own hard earned money it is NOT federal spending. 

Weiner's premise is that all money belongs to the government, and through the tax code they allow us to have some of it to spend for ourselves.  And that when I keep money in my pocket, this counts as 'spending' by the Federal government.

This is not true.  At least in a free republic.

The only system of government in which Rep. Weiner's premise is true is in a communist state. 

So rather than accept the premise, then argue the details, Sean should have stopped the discussion and rejected the basic premise.

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