Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playing the Trump Card

The Birther movement is finally getting it's moment in the sun. 
For the past 3 years a number of people have been insisting that Obama must show his original, long form birth certificate.  Obama has refused to do so.  In fact, he has spent millions on lawyers in an effort to get such requests squashed. 

Donald Trump has now taken up the issue, and raised it on a number of high profile talk shows.  So now the issue is getting some attention from the MSM. 

Some pundits are dismissing this as a hate based witch hunt.  Others continue to ignore it or marginalize the 'birthers' as bunch of nut jobs.  But this is a serious issue.

The issue at hand is nothing less than the most profound Constitutional crisis in the history of our republic.
There is literally no precedent for this if it is found that Obama is not eligible to be President.

OK, so all the laws he passed are null and void. But then what:
  • Obama signed the Pigford agreement, paying black farmers for alleged past discrimination. Do they have to give the money back?
  • The takeover of GM is null and void. But what? Do the stockholders get their money back? Do the bond holders get a new deal?
  • What happens to all of the decisions of the judges that Obama appointed?  Are they null and void as well?  Do they all get re-tried?  And at whose expense?
  • What of the Czars and the cabinet officers? How do you actually undo all of the acts and regulations of people appointed by Obama?
This would get ugly really fast.

And then think of the legal repercussions:

  • Obama: is he put in jail? On what charge? Treason? How do you commit treason if you are not a citizen?  Impeachment, certainly. But then what? Deportation back to Kenya?
  • The people that signed election certifications: Each state requires a signed affidavit that they candidate is able to be on the ballot, etc.  Do you throw the election certifiers in jail in every state he was on the ballot?
  • Hawaii: They are refusing to release the document, and so presumably know it’s contents or the fact that it does not exists. Are they thrown in jail?
  • Civil unrest: The unions are threatening revolution over the issue of health care contributions. Imagine what they will do when their primary sponsor is impeached. I would predict rioting in the streets.
Fasten your seat belts, people. This could get really interesting.

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