Friday, April 1, 2011

Hypocrite, thy name is The Boss

Bruce Springsteen wants you to pay higher taxes while he applies for tax exemptions

So now we have the spectacle of none other than Bruce Springsteen weighing in on the topic of taxes.  And what does the left-leaning crooner think we ought to do about taxes?  Well, raise them, of course.

Bruce wrote an open letter the the Asbury Park Press critical of Republican Governor Chris Christie's tax policy, lamenting that the state is cutting services but not targeting the rich for more taxes.

It turns out, however, that Bruce does not consider himself to be among those that should pay more in taxes.  He is taking advantage of a tax loophole that allows 'farms' to be taxed a lower rate than homes. 
Springsteen pays more than $138,000 a year in taxes on his three-acre Colts Neck home, but just $4,639 on the adjoining 200 acres, which is organically farmed and has horses, according to the report.
So here we have the Boss trying to tell us that taxes should be raised on everyone else, but he personally takes advantage of tax loopholes to reduce his tax burden. 

Nice work, Bruce.

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