Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where's the Damn Fiddle?

When the American Embassy in Libya was attacked, we were unable to stop the mobs from ransacking the place and killing our ambassador.  Aside from the fact that this is an act of war, this is an incredible emabarrassment to the US.  Where are the Marines?  Were they, as some reports suggest, not allowed to carry ammunition?

Is this the most incompetent admistration in history?

Libya now says we were warned 3 days in advance of impending attacks, but did nothing.

When the consulate was attacked our embassy in Libya issued a statement apologizing for a movie that has been out for four months and that the US goverment had nothing to do wit

Mitt Romney issues a statement correctly saying that the apology was disgraceful

Even the White House backs away from the apology by claiming it was not reviewed before it went out.

Then Ambassador is killed by a raging mob.

At this point, Obama does the most important thing on his priority list: he flies to Vegas for a fundraising event while the press  attacks Mitt Romney.  Romney is condemned more aggressively in the press than the people that actually committed the murder.  

Hillary Clinton then announces yet another apology, and Obama chimes in with we are 'heartbroken'.

It turns out that while Valerie Jarrett is protected by a large Secret Service detail while on Martha's Vineyard, our Ambassador was wandering around Libya without the benefit of a Marine guard. 

While the Middle East bursts into flames our President plays golf and attends fundraisers. 

Where is a fiddle when you need one?

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