Sunday, April 22, 2012

LIberal's Idea of Helping: Get someone else to help

Tipper Gore is a typical rich Liberal.  She cruises around in limos, lives in mansions, and feels morally superior to the rest of us.

Gore, like many Liberals, adopts pet causes and makes an ostentatious display of 'caring' and helping all while personally doing very little other than showing up at parties and testifying before Congress.

This behavior is the exact opposite of true charity and reveals the spiritual and moral depravity of the Left.

From the Post Gazette:
Gore, who is the wife of former Vice President Al Gore, started work as an advocate for the homeless in the mid-1980s, after her children -- who were in grade school at the time -- asked her about a homeless woman they saw on the street.

They wondered how they could help the woman and asked why she had no home. Eventually, Gore decided to take action.

"In their childhood innocence, they were absolutely right," she said. "There's a moral imperative for all of us to end homelessness."

Gore herself bragged in speeches that her daughters caught sight of a homeless woman from their limo one day, and demanded that they stop and help.  Tipper, presumably horrified at the thought of bringing a filthy stinking alcoholic inside their little bubble, suggested an alternative. 

She had the girls write letters to Congress about the plight of the homeless and demanded that something be done.   That's right.  She can't be bothered to slow down and offer the woman some Grey Poupon, but she can demand Congress take action!

Note the word 'eventually'. This means she left that woman to die in the gutter, and when it was convenient, she decided to take decisive action and write some beautifully crafted letters on her very expensive personally engraved stationary. 

Charity begins in other people's wallets!!!  -- Tipper Gore*
Sure enough, Congress responded by increased funding for the homeless, and Tipper Gore set up a foundation to receive these grants and begin the arduous task of aiding these poor creatures. 

With other people's time and money, of course.

This is the definition of Liberal compassion: speed past the homeless laying in the gutter, but demand that taxpayers pony up some of their hard earned cash so you can grab some headlines as the 'defender of the homeless'.

Real charity would have looked very different.  Real charity would have been to stop the limo and save that woman at your own expenses and in your own home.  And to never speak a word about it in public.

Instead, Gore confuses compulsion for charity, and fawning headlines for good deeds.  She thinks that by forcing you, the taxpayer, to give your money to the homeless that she is the paragon of virtue.

The opposite is true.  She is a selfish, immoral harpy who lives off of self-promotion and stealing credit from other people.

In other words, she is a Democrat.

*Note from our attorney: Not an actual quote.

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