Monday, July 6, 2020

What causes riots? Election Years, or course!

 Here we go again.  If there is rioting in the US, it must be an election year. 

This week we saw video of the police kneeling on the neck of George Floyd shortly before he died while in police custody. The video has gone viral, and the police officers involved have been fired.  The protests have turned into riots, with police cars being attacked and store being looted. 

While the initial incident is tragic, and the loss of life terrible, the subsequent hysteria and rioting are boring and predictable.   The Media and the Left are seeking to sharpen the racial divide in this country by whipping up a racially charged hysteria.

The same weekend that this man died at the hands of the Police, 60 people were shot and 9 killed in Chicago.  Not a single news story was done nationally about the carnage in Chicago.  The largely black-on-black wave of never-ending violence does not get any attention, but a single death in Minneapolis results in wall to wall coverage that stokes protests and riots.

If it seems like there is a pattern to the periodic appearance of Black Lives Matters and other leftist protest groups on the national stage, well, that is because there is.   Every election year, like clockwork, the Left manufactures a protest cycle about some incident that fits the narrative.

This is an election year and the summer hasn’t even gotten started.  Expect that this will get worse before it gets better.

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