Monday, July 6, 2020

Black Lives Don’t Really Matter

Black Lives Matter is a political group that pops into the news every recent election cycle. The group’s name implies that they care about Black lives. The truth is quite the opposite. As we noted several years ago, BLM is merely a Leftist policy group using Black people as an emotional shield while promoting policies that have nothing to do with improving the lives of actual black people

They claim their mission is “to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes”. Notably absent from the mission statement is the primary source of violence against Black communities: other black people.

Chicago has had nearly 1,000 murders a year for many years running. The vast majority of these crimes are Black on Black, and most of them go unsolved. More Black people were killed in a single weekend than unarmed Black people have been killed by police in an entire year.

George Floyd becomes a martyr and a cause celeb when he dies at the hands of a cop. David Dorn gets murdered by rioters and his death is swept under the rug. Who is David Dorn? He is a retired St. Louis police captain that was gunned down by looters during the riots that were supposed to honor the memory of George Floyd.

BLM makes a celebrity out of a multiple time felon but completely ignores the death of an honorable member of the community. That should tell you something about the priorities of BLM. A quick search of the BLM site finds zero reference to Dorn, but links to #Defund the Police and Rest in Power, Beautiful.

If Black Lives Mattered cared about actual black people, they would be holding protest marches on the southside of Chicago, not on Rodeo Drive. Instead they make policy demands about ICE and illegal aliens, and demand that we defund the police. The website is heavy on the rhetoric, and short on detailed proposals. They list a dozen things BLM will focus on without a single word of explanation of what they mean and how they would implement change.

BLM is a Leftist scam that doesn’t care about the lives of actual Black people.

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