Monday, July 6, 2020

The Death of Science

The Left claims yet another victim.   This time it is science itself. 

I have claimed for years that the science behind the Global Climate Change scam was corrupted by Leftist politics.  This is a challenging claim to prove, given the complex nature of the science and the long term predictions involved.  I will be long dead before the science of AGW is proven with actual temperature readings from 100 years in the future.  

There is more contemporaneous proof at hands however. 

The Left has thoroughly corrupted the science of Epidemiology.  

We are now being told to believe the science that makes baseball games, Trump Rallies, and 4th of July parades are insanely risky for Coronavirus transmission and must be banned. 

We are also being told to believe the science that Coronavirus transmission is not a risk if the event is a Gay Pride parade. BLM Protest, or a statue desecration party.  


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