Monday, February 11, 2019

Democrats are going for Full Gun Registration

Democrats are going for full gun registration.

Sure, they call it 'closing the gun show loophole', or 'mandatory background checks', but in reality, it is a call for full gun registration.

Any law that bans private sales of firearms will necessarily require gun registration.  Let's assume that I own over 20 firearms.  How will the police be able to tell which of them I bought with a background check and which I did not?   If there is no list of 'pre-background check' firearms, I can simply claim I bought the guns prior to the ban. 

Possession would also have to be deemed the equivalent of ownership, as it is currently for the prohibitions against felons carrying a gun.  If I have gun in my possession and the police demand to see evidence I passed a background check, I could simply claim it is not my gun, I am simply 'holding it for a friend'. 

In order for such a law to work, every firearm in the country would need to be registered with the government.  The government can then check the list of legal guns against what I have in my possession, and charge me with a crime for any discrepancies. 

This is an insanely dangerous and likely un-constitutional law. 

It would instantly turn tens of millions of law abiding gun owners into felons, as registration rates would fall well short of actual ownership.

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