Thursday, January 10, 2019

Government Shut Down is a Dangerous Game.. for the Government

The Government Shutdown enters its 19th day as Trump battles it out with Democrats over a border wall.  This is a reckless and dangerous gamble to take, and it creates enormous risk that... the people might discover that we don't really need the Government.

The new is full of endless stories about the economic hardships imposed on furloughed government workers by a hardhearted Trump and the dangers of Government services not being provided.  Such critical services as updating Magnitski Act sanctions, publishing reports of economic data,  and other random things are reported as a dire crisis.

It has been noted in dire tones that the FDA is not conducting food inspections during the shutdown and that this places our food supply at risk.


The FDA has zero impact on food safety. 

"But what if there is an outbreak of contaminated Romaine lettuce!??" they ask breathlessly. 

Well, since we recently had that exact event happen last fall while the FDA was fully functional, I'm guessing the FDA has no impact. 

The FDA oversight is an excellent example of why most Government services are a complete waste. Do you believe that, absent Government FDA inspectors, your local grocery store would be selling you rotting, infested meat and salmonella laden groceries?  That farmers would knowingly sell contaminated milk and beef, or diseased eggs?

No.  They would not.   Businesses don't make a profit killing their customers.  The food supply is safe because there are millions of businesses working 24 hours a day to ensure cleanliness and safety, not because there are a few hundred inspectors wandering around.  Businesses try not to kill customers because killing customers is bad for business, not because of regulations. 

The biggest risk to the Government and it's employees is that people get wise to how little value it is really adding. 

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