Monday, June 5, 2017

Scary Charts are Lies

The Climate Change Government Science Complex is in full panic mode now that President Trump has announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord

They continue to claim that this is the end of civilization as we know it, and that we are all going to die.  They reinforce these hysterical claims with scary charts that reinforce the idea that global temperatures are out of control. 

This is the latest fear mongering chart to show up on my Facebook and LinkedIn timeline:

Purporting to show that warming is completely out of control, this chart shows the change in average global temperature from 1880-2015.

There is no legend or other explanation of what temps are blue, and what temps are red, but the implication is clear: we are burning up!

This chart is then used to justify the expenditure of billions of dollars on green energy and the creation of a strangling thicket of regulations.

This chart lacks perspective. 

If you take the actual temperature values used to create this visual and graph them with reasonable parameters, you get a very different perspective.   

What this chart shows is that average  global temperatures have been remarkably stable over the past century+. 

Why do the alarmists use the scary red and blue chart to hide the actual data? 

Because if you saw the actual facts in the proper perspective, you would realize the utter fraud that is being perpetrated on the world by the Climate Change Charlatans. 


  1. I am sorry, what you have as an average temp over the years is just as bad. Just to give you a perspective - the scary red and blue charts are "magnifying" the increases in temperatures over the decades (highest diff between blue and red is about 6 degrees) - which points to 6 degrees of temperature change is what is recorded over the years. Reality is the average increase over the past 100 years is probably about 2 degrees increase.

    On the other hand, your chart that averages the temperatures per decade shows a flat line - because of the scale you chose. If you increased the scale a bit more (move it from an 8 degree increment to 20 degree increment), it will show that the line is even flatter. Cut your scale down to 0.2 degrees and see how the line changes (is it still flat)?

    We all show what we want to show. The important matter is - if the temperatures have been growing at 2 degrees every century - is it something to be alarmed about? If the temperatures in urban areas are higher than rural areas, is it something to be concerned about?

    I am not sure the so called Climate Change Charlatans are perpetrating a fraud. I would rather think, they are very passionate about the cause and are making a case. Just like, you are probably passionate about a different cause and you are making a case. My two cents - for what its worth. The reason I chose not to put my name in is - I dont want an argument/discussion - but wanted to share my thoughts.

    1. I think we agree on one point: the scale of the chart can change what you see. My point is that the AGW people always make things look awful (depicting a ~2 degree increase as going from deep blue to hot red)without providing the proper context. There is no scale. No data. Nothing to give you the true picture. Just a big red scary world and a screeching demand for power and money.

  2. "if the temperatures have been growing at 2 degrees every century.. " Well we only have data on 1.5 centuries so.....that would be an interesting graph that extrapolates 2degress EVERY 100 years....