Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Check Yourself

If you are outraged over the verdict in the Zimmerman Trial you need to check your facts, check your premises, and check your priorities.

Zimmerman was acquitted because ALL of the facts, circumstances and evidence back up his story. In fact, some of the most damaging testimony came in answer to questions the prosecutor asked. 
As David Burge points out, this is all political theater.
Gems like:

Prosecutor: So what other (than shooting Martin) options did George Zimmerman have?
Witness: None.

Even the prosecution stated that everything Zimmerman did was legal. Watch the closing arguments from both sides -- the prosecution had no case whatsoever and resorted to simply making things up.

Since Trayvon Martin died hundreds, no, thousands of black teens have died by gunshot, with the vast majority of that being black-on-black crime. A black teen was shot this weekend in Chicago because he refused to join a gang. If you want to be outraged, get some perspective and get mad about the rivers of blood running through the streets of cities like Chicago.

It would be nice if we could channel all this emotion into something that would help reduce the ongoing tragedy that is life in our inner cities instead of whipping up hysteria and faux-racism charges.

 Go to for a summary of the actual facts and testimony. 

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