Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This is NOT helping

I asserted last week the that Trayvon Martin trial was going to be a disaster for this country.

I predicted that there would be retaliatory violence attempting to avenge Trayvon if Zimmerman is found to be not guilty of Murder.

This week the loony Left has been out in force on Twitter making death threats against Zimmerman and making general threats against 'white people'.

There are riots.

There are beatings and murders "for Trayvon".

The Department of Justice is taking a break from organizing anti-Zimmerman protests to gin up civil rights violation charges.

The prosecutor in the case, having failed utterly to prove her case in court, is now out on the talk show circuit calling Zimmerman a murderer.

Talk show hosts are calling Zimmerman a racist, and proclaiming a 'return to Jim Crow'.

Liberal magazines are calling the neighborhood watch "Slave Patrol", claiming that keeping an eye on your homes is the equivalent of tracking down runaway slaves.

Now that the word is out that Zimmerman is only half white (making him as white as, say, Barack Obama) they have resorted to claiming he is a 'white Hispanic' and that he has 'opted out' of being a minority and embraced white privilege.

The Left is bashing the entire country (as usual) as a fever swamp of racial animus.  Jesse Jackson has even asked the UN to look into civil right issues around this issue. 

The Democrats are trying pass laws against Profiling (whatever the heck that is) and self defense.

Racial tension are once again on the rise, and the Obama Administration is doing it's level best to fan the flames.   Eric Holder is out there telling audiences that he worries for the safety of his own children in the face of racist cops.
"It is Racist to criticize me for fomenting racism!" Eric Holder*

This is a huge disaster for race relations in this country. 

This entire incident has been manufactured by the Democrats and the Race Baiting industry -- not one of their assertions is backed up the facts -- and so, the blame for the fallout can be laid squarely at their feet.

Sadly, the real and lasting damage is to Black people themselves.

As Obama undoes all the economic and racial progress that has been made over the past 30 years, this trial and the faux-hysteria that follow will only serve to reinforce the perception that blacks are being held down by The Man.
"the whole damn system is corrupt..."

This attitude (whether accurate or not) is self defeating and helps keep the black community mired in poverty and violence. 

When the deck is stacked against you, why bother to even try?
When The Man is racist, why cooperate with the cops to put criminals in jail?
When the entire system is rigged against you, why get an education and 'sell out' to the whites?

All of this is self defeating, of course, and the only beneficiaries of a permanent black underclass are the parasites that feed off of their votes.  

I am talking to you, Democrats.

I am taking to you, Barack Obama.

* Not an actual quote

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