Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rise of the Caliphate

Muslims believe that the end of the world will come with the return of the 12th Imam and the rise of the Caliphate.  The Caliphate is understood to be a Islamic super-state that unites the Muslim world in a single political entity.

The rise of the Caliphate has seemed like a distant and far fetched dream over the past few decades.  The most recent attempt at a unifying political state fell apart with the collapse of the UAE, and the many Muslim states throughout the Middle East were constantly bickering and fighting.

It would take a great Muslim leader to create the conditions for the unification of Islamic Caliphate.  A leader that could destroy the status quo and provide a unifying theme for the Muslim world.

Islam has finally found such a great leader and a great cause, and the domino's are falling in a way that virtually guarantees the rise of the Caliphate.

That man is Barack Obama and the theme is Jihad

Let’s take a look at the accomplishments of Obama over the past few years:

Iran:   A popular uprising of students against the radical Islamic state threatens to overthrow the jihadist regime in Tehran.  Obama remains silent and offers no support to the protesters.  The Iranians violently suppress the protesters, and the radical government presses onward to build nuclear weapons.  Obama’s inaction protect a radical Islamic regime.

Tunisia:  The moderate government is struggling to control a burgeoning radical element that is orchestrating street protests.  Obama refuses to intervene, and the government falls to radical elements, setting up a pro-Jihad regime in North Africa.

Libya:  The Gaddafi's regime is no friend of the US, but it has been largely quiet since Reagan bombed them in the mid-80’s.   Radical Islamists, encouraged by events in Tunisia, take to the streets and start an open civil war.   When it looks like Gaddafi will successfully battle back the al-Queda led rabble, the US intervenes with air strikes and weapons.    Radical Islamists take over the country and it’s stockpile of anti-aircraft weapons.

Egypt:  The Mubarak regime is stable and largely pro-US.  (or as pro-US as Arab nations get).  The Muslim Brotherhood, a known radical Islamic political organization, incites a street revolution.  Unlike Iran, Obama announces our support for  the rebels.  The moderate Mubarak government falls, and the radical Jihadists take control of the largest and best equipped military in the Middle East.  And then we ship them hundreds of additional tanks and advanced aircraft.

Syria:  A vicious civil war is being fought between the despicable and oppressive Assad Regime and the Islamic Radicals.  The war has raged for months with no clear winner.  The outcome hangs in the balance, with no clear benefit to the US if either side wins.  So, naturally, Obama is poised to intervene in support of the Radical Jihadists that control the al Nusra Front. 

In every case Obama and his State Department have intervened (or not intervened) in a manner that has supported the radical Jihadists. 

Mere incompetence would suggest that at least some of the policy decision would favor US interests.

I personally don’t believe that the 12th Imam will usher in the Islamic Caliphate.  But Obama is certainly making an excellent case that he should be considered for the job.

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