Monday, February 20, 2012

Wrong Answer, Rick!

Rick Santorum demonstrated over the weekend why he will lose in a general election against Obama.

In response to questions on Face the Nation he announced his opposition to amniocentesis:

GOP presidential candidate and former senator Rick Santorum sharply criticized President Obama’s health-care law again Sunday for requiring health-insurance companies to cover certain prenatal tests, because some procedures are used to identify abnormalities and “encourage abortions.”

“The bottom line is that a lot of prenatal tests are done to identify deformities in utero and the customary procedure is to encourage abortions” said Santorum.

This is the wrong reason for the right answer.

Santorum is opposed to this particular government intrusion into our privacy because he doesn't like the results.  He apparently support the intrusions that have outcomes he likes.  

This is no different than Obama, or any other big government statist. 

In an argument over which form of government oppression is more palatable, Republicans will lose.  Democrats have already staked out the emotionally appealing easy positions.  Santorum is conceding that the government has the power to make amniocentesis mandatory.  He just disagrees with the outcome, so he wants to exclude that particular procedure.

Americans should be opposed to mandatory amniocentesis coverage on the grounds that it is a GROSS violation of privacy and is not permitted under the Constitution.

A proper statement would be as follows:

Obamacare mandates every single aspect of your relationship with your doctor and your insurance company.  As an example, it demands that all insurance companies cover amniocentesis for free. This is un-Constitutional.  The Federal government has no power to regulate the relationship between you and your doctor. This is an issue of Freedom, and as your President, I will restore your freedom seek medical care as you see fit, without the Federal government dictating every procedure and test.

Instead, he is arguing that the ends (more abortions) are not justified, so he does not like the means (testing).

I am personally opposed to amniocentesis and declined the procedure when it was offered to me. This is a personal issue, and Rick should keep it that way.

This is a dead end philosophically, and a huge trap that will sink him faster than the Titanic.

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