Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unilateral Disarmament too Risky.... for his Campaign

President Obama made two interesting announcements this week.

They are unrelated, but provide an interesting perspective on the priorities of the man charged with protecting and defending this nation.

After many direct criticisms of Super Pacs, including negative remarks during the State of the Union address, Obama has changed his mind and is now forming a Super Pac of his own. This is seen as a way to increase the amount of funds available to him to ensure his re-election.  When he was asked about the flip flop on this issue, USA TOday reported the following:

“We’ve got some of these (Republican) super PACs that have pledged to spend up to half a billion dollars to try to buy this election,” Obama said yesterday in an interview with WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte, N.C.  “And what I’ve said consistently is, we’re not going to just unilaterally disarm.”

He also announced this week that his administration plans to reduce our nuclear arsenal by 80%.  They plan to do this without seeking corresponding reductions from our enemies. In other words, they are unilaterally disarming our nuclear deterrence capabilities.

So now we see President Obama's priorities. 

His re-election bid is so critical a battle that he cannot risk unilateral disarmament.  

But the survival of our nation in a world awash in hostile powers and nuclear weapons, well, there we can unilaterally disarm with no concerns. 

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