Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberal Fantasies

I found the following posted on Facebook, and I thought it might be interesting to share;

From the The Norman Goldman Show

We had a VERY spirited show on Monday, May 23, 2001 - about the differences between Democrats and Republicons - and the fact that we have regular nuclear wars within ourselves over MANY issues. I asked that we focus on our core values and only if we have those, amongst us, wandering away from those core values that we attack them and WRITE THEM OFF. As to the other, non-core issues, we can and SHOULD still fight and disagree, but we should NOT throw each other overboard and rip each other limb from limb.

I submit to you that NOT ALL issues are created equal and that we should focus on the things that bind us and VOLUNTARILY stick together so long as we all agree on the core values. QUESTION: WHAT are those core values???

Here is my suggested list:

1) Tax Fairness - A Progressive Tax on the Koch Bros. and their top 2% buddies;

2) No corporate welfare - end the tax subsidies and write-offs;

3) Protect Social Security;

4) Protect Medicare;

5) Stop Outsourcing American jobs and punish those who do with higher taxes;

6) Clean energy and environmental protection;

7) No illegal wiretapping/Patriot Act "big government";

8) Personal privacy - like a woman's right to choose; legalize gay marriage and end the ridiculous "war on drugs" by starting with legalized marijuana;

9) Public financing of campaigns and clean elections with voter verifiable paper trails and no "voter i.d." disenfranchisement;

10) A right to health care, and;

11) A right to a free, quality public education.

It might be interesting to examine what each of these means.

I will follow up in separate posts.

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