Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Global Warming causes......More Tornadoes!


It did not take long for the global warming crowd to link the tragic tornadoes that have devastated Joplin to the political cause they hold so dear.

Newsweek Cover - 5/30


I will spare you reading to whole thing to sum it up thusly:

  • Global Warming is causing the severe weather.
  • We are all going to die.
  • It is all Bush's fault.

The best quote from the article is here:

The Midwest suffered the wettest April in 116 years, forcing the Mississippi to flood thousands of square miles, even as drought-plagued Texas suffered the driest month in a century.

You see?  Global warming causes floods and droughts.  It causes rain! and not rain!

In another whopper, the article notes that there is agreement that climate change is causing everything:

Scientists disagree about whether climate change will bring more intense or frequent tornadoes, but there is wide consensus that the 2 degrees Fahrenheit of global warming of the last century is behind the rise in sea levels, more intense hurricanes, more heat waves, and more droughts and deluges.

Scary!  Except that it ain't true.   Most of the 2 degrees Fahrenheit of global warming came before 1940, ie, before there was any appreciable build up in CO2.   There is also the inconvenient fact that hurricanes are NOT increasing.  Each year for the past 5 years, NOAA has been calling for 'above normal' hurricane activity, and every year they are wrong.

There is no connection between 'global warming' and tornadoes, despite the implications from the media.

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