Friday, December 1, 2017

Hunting 'Accident' gets a Manslaughter Charge

Killed by a 'Hunter' while walking her dog
A hunter recently shot and killed a neighbor and it has made national news.  The media, of course, hype anti-hunting stories and the deaths of pretty women, and this story is no exception.

That hunter has been charged with manslaughter.

And he richly deserves it. 

This 'hunter' allegedly shot at the woman as she was walking her dog behind his home.  He fired the fatal shot after mistaking her for a deer.  He fired the shot after dark, after the end of legal hunting hours. 

This is gross negligence and the 'hunter' deserves prison time. 

Aside from the fact that he was hunting illegally, he clearly could not identify his target.  One of the most basic rules of both shooting and hunting is to know what you are shooting at.  Firing blindly in the dark at something moving in the woods is sheer stupidity.

This sort of thing makes hunters look bad. This makes gun owners look bad.

I think he should have the book thrown at him.  Felony manslaughter with prison time, lifetime loss of hunting privileges, and be stripped of his right to keep and bear arms.

There is no excuse for this stupidity. 

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