Monday, July 25, 2016

Why the RNC was Peaceful

The Republican Party just wrapped up it's convention and there was very little violence.

Scratch that. 

There was virtually none.

This is in sharp contrast to the recent experience at Trump campaign rallies and the dire predictions of violence by the media.

There were virtually no protesters, and certainly none of the professional protester class that make trouble around the world at political events bothered to show up.


There are several reasons:

The protesters all got jobs and couldn't make time in their busy work week to show up and protest.    Ha!  Kidding.   Just seeing if you were paying attention. 

Cleveland was fully prepared.  We don't know a lot about the security preparations and that is proof that they were well done.   Whatever the Police and other agencies did to keep the peace, it worked, and they should be commended. 

The Left is saving its Ire for Hillary The hard Left is mad at Trump, but they are really extra special mad about Hillary.   This will only get worse as WikiLeaks reveals the true extent of the hatchet job the DNC did on Bernie.   I think the leftists will turn out in droves in Philadelphia, and there will be more violence as the week goes on. 

The Optics are Bad for the Left.   Donald Trump and his peers will be inside the convention center saying that immigrants and Muslims are violent, dangerous and anti American.  It doesn't look good to have a bunch of immigrants and Muslims outside the building being violent and dangerous while waving Mexican flags. 

I think the largest factor here is the optics.    The Media and the Left have noticed that every time a Trump supporter gets attacked by a bunch of hippy anarchists or illegal immigrants, his poll numbers go up. 

So they stayed home, and the RNC was safer for it.

Now, if we can get them to stay home in November and elect a Republican, we can rest easy in a country that will be safer for it.

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