Monday, January 6, 2014

You Spelled 95% Accurate Wrong

The Left continues to bang the drum that the US Military is committing murder mass murder as we fight wars around the world.  

The latest claim is that 5% of the people killed by drone strikes are innocent.  

If that number is true, then the United States is the most benevolent and caring country that has ever been established.  That number means that we are 95% accurate with our drone strikes.  

95% Accurate!!!

There has never been a military that has come close to that degree of accuracy.  Civilian death have always been a part of warfare.  In some cases, civilian deaths were the entire point of the war. As recently as WWII the US military deliberately targeted civilian populations as a means to win the war. Even if you ignore the obvious events like nuking Hiroshima, we bombed Dresden and killed 100,000 civilians on purpose.  

95% accuracy is an incredible technical and policy achievement. 

We should be proudly trumpeting our incredible skill and technical prowess as further proof of American Exceptionalism. 

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