Monday, January 6, 2014

When is 100 Million Dead Not So Bad?

When is 100 million dead people not so bad?  Well, when it is not true, for starters.

The latest hysterical claims from the global warming fanatics is that 100 Million people will die from the effects of Climate Change.

Why should we care what these whack jobs are claiming?

One reason is the that other Leftist whack jobs are using this entirely made up number to excuse the actual 100 million murders perpetrated by socialist governments in the last century.

"Socialism killed 100 million??  Oh yeah, well Capitalism is killing people too!  Just you wait and see!"

Let's look at the claim they are making.

Basically, they are taking a small increase in mortality they claim will happen (ie, that they have completely made up) and multiplied it by a lot of people over a very long time.    They are claiming 100MM deaths over 70 years against a world population that is 6+ billion and growing.

If you use a long enough time frame against really big population numbers you can come up some really big made up numbers.

The percentage of increased mortality they are estimating is roughly .02%.  This is 2/10ths of one percent.

This percentage is so small as to be undetectable and below any statistical relevance.

This claim is a lot of hot air.

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