Monday, September 9, 2013

If One Million Muslims protest with 2 Million Bikers revving, does it make any noise?

The planned Million Muslim March on 9/11 has caused some controversy.   People are annoyed that the Muslims would march on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.    I am not sure, however, that there is much to get annoyed about.  The Facebook page for the event has only 57 likes – or one for each state, as one wag put it.

So the Million Muslim march will likely be a complete bust, with a few hundred or few thousand attendees, at most.

The real event on 9/11 will be the counter-march.

The 2 Million Biker march.

And this is not the spandex and 10-speed biker crowd.  This is the Harley, leather and American Flag biker crowd.  These are the people that ride to military funerals to block out the sight and sound of the Westboro Baptist church nut bags.  These are patriotic Americans with a willingness to put their bike where the mouth is.   Or something like that.

The Muslims have been granted a permit to hold their event, but the Bikers have been denied a permit to ride through without stopping.
 Undaunted, the Bikers are going to ride anyway. They will simply have to obey traffic signals, etc.
This should be an interesting event.  I am guessing the Muslims will be outnumbered 100-1.  The Bikers will ride slowly and peacefully around the city, snarling traffic and deafening bystanders for the entire day.

It will be fascinating to observe how the media reacts to this.   Other than completely ignoring the bikers, it will force them into verbal gymnastics to spin the days events.   The few hundred Muslims will be completely overshadowed by the sight and sound of hundreds of thousands of Harley's cruising through the city.
I look forward to complaints from the Muslims that riding a Harley is racist. 


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