Thursday, August 30, 2012

F*ck the Rich? Thank the Rich!

The OccupyRNC is a small group of Occupy types that have gathered to protest the Republican National Convention.  They number in the tens.  Maybe almost a hundred.  These people are fully supported by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party and are getting a lot of attention from the left leaning press.

But they do say some interesting things that reveal the agenda of the Occupy movement.  Watch the video as this OccupyRNC genius explains his world view.

Aside from the obvious snarky responses (he is holding an expensive camcorder and wearing clothing manufactured by rich capitalists while decrying the role of the rich) his point of view deserves some serious examination.

"The rich re-allocate wealth from the environment and its inhabitants"   This is completely untrue.  The rich create wealth by adding value.  Copper ore in the ground is a resource in the environment and it is worthless.  Copper that has been mined, smelted, and forged into tubes is of far greater value.  The man who got rich by adding all that value did not steal wealth, he created it.  The wealth in that copper ore exists only in the abstract.  It takes effort, capital, and reason to transform it into something of value.  The Marxist view that all wealth is stolen is false.

The rich have 'lavish parties for themselves while people starve.  This narrative is a non-sequitur. The two things have nothing to do with each other.  His view seems to be that no one should have more than anyone else until everyone has enough food.  Yet he stands there holding an expensive camcorder, purchased with money that could have been used to save a village in Africa.  Hypocrisy aside, he has things backwards.  Hunger and starvation are pre-existing human conditions throughout human history.  The only societies that have been able to banish hunger are the rich capitalist ones.  We not only do not have people that are starving, our poor people are fat.   It is the rich capitalists that create the means for the poor to live better than in any other time in history.

Where is his ideology used successfully?  "Freetown Christiania...Somalia...Afghanistan.."   Freetown Christiania is a small commune that supports about 850 people.  It is located in the center of one of the most modern western cities, and is clearly not self-supporting.  It is also not large enough to qualify as an example for an entire nation.  He claims that Somalia and Afghanistan are successful examples???  If that is success, then I want no part of it.  These are two of the poorest and most barbaric places in the entire world.  One country survives on an illegal heroin trade, the other by piracy.  I can't think of two worse places to use as an example.  This is the vision that Occupy-democrat axis has for us: Somalia and Afghanistan.

"Sure [the rich] can create jobs, but what we really need is housing and food"  How does he think housing and food are created??  Is he so far removed from reality that he no longer understands that these things have to be created?  Food does not grow on trees.  Well, OK, some food does.  But you know what I mean.  There is no food without the farmer and his employees.  There is no housing without the carpenter and the mason.  Jobs are just a way to add economic value for those that cannot create it independently.  Jobs are ways in which the rich give access to capital to others so that they may be more productive.  Who adds more value to the process of building a house?  20 men with their bare hands, or 20 men working for companies that use bulldozers, cranes, and other tools that are purchased with capital??  Obviously men using tools are more productive.  That is why even the lowest skilled laborer in this country is richer than 90% of the rest of the planet.  We have rich people that use their capital to make us all richer.  We should thank the rich, not f*ck the rich.

I hope this give you some insight into the madness and wrongheadedness of the occupy movement.  Remember that this movement is fully supported by the Democratic party. 

Think about that at election time. 

You are choosing between a capitalist future of un-evenly distributed wealth, and the Marxist-Democrat future of evenly divided poverty and violence.

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