Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alchemy: the Power Behind OWS

The Occupy people have discovered a new source of power that will enable them to get back at the Right:


No, you didn't read that wrong.  Alchemy.

Tim Franzen is the spokesperson and leader of the Occupy Atlanta squatters.  This from

Tim Franzen, Occupy Atlanta
The reporter that tracked Franzen down asked him what some of his plans were for the movement. Franzen started off with a tirade against the Koch brothers. His anger has risen to the point where he has actually contracted people to 'get back' at the Koches:

"We've been having a team of alchemists and faith healers and doctors of physics working together to develop a mathematical formula to levitate the building," he stated.

Faith Healers?  Alchemists? Ummm, what is this, the 14th century?  And what the heck is a 'doctors of physics', anyway??

Once again we see that the people in this 'movement' are deranged.  Or deluded.  Or psychotic. 

Or some combination of the above.

They have a very tenuous grasp on the real world.  This is why they believe in all the 'love and Unicorns' ideas of the Left -- because they have trouble grasping reality.

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