Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Know Nothings

Larry O'Donnell: Most Voters 'Don't Know Anything About The Economy'

The key quote here is : 

But a recent poll shows that a majority of voters–a majority of whom don’t really know anything about the economy--don’t believe that the economy is recovering and blame President Obama for the struggling economy

It is interesting how Larry (and the Left in general) define ‘knowing’ something.

A person who runs a small business, buying and selling in the market place everyday, who buys clothes, gas, groceries, etc, but lacks the right college degree: DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING about the economy.

A person who graduated from a fancy college and took a bunch of marxist-feminist laden courses in economics, but has never had a real job, never made payroll, does not buy his own groceries, has not pumped gas in years: KNOWS ALL ABOUT the economy.

Interesting definitions.

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