Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pirates of the Third World

Personally, I thought we had the pirate problem solved.  You know, the Shores of Tripoli, millions for defense and not a penny for tribute, and all that.

But apparently not.

Right now there are some serious problems with piracy around the globe.

From the Christian Science Monitor today:

"The hijacking of two oil tankers in two days, together containing $260 million worth of cargo, has stoked new concern about the world's inability to halt the threat of Somali piracy in the Indian Ocean"

It is estimated that piracy is costing the global economy $5-8 Billion per year. Piracy is the mortal enemy of civilization, and must be eradicated.

I can solve the piracy issue in 90 days, and at a cost well below $5-8 billion.

Piracy will be a thing of the past 90 days after the United States implements the following policies:

  1. All persons engaged in piracy will be captured or killed by United States military forces
  2. All vessels, vehicles, aircraft or other means of transportation that used by pirates or supporting piracy will be deemed pirate vessels, and will captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
  3. All beaches, villages, ports, towns, or cities found to be aiding, hosting, hiding abetting or otherwise involved in piracy will be deemd pirate havens and captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
  4. Any municipal, local, state or national government found to be supporting or accomodating pirates or piracy will be deemed pirate governments, and will be captured or destroyed by United States military forces.
  5. No ransoms shall be paid for any vessel or crew captured by pirates.  United States military forces will sink or destroy any vessel for which ransom was paid to prior to it being returned to its original owner. 
There you go.  Within 30 days the issue of piracy would be solved forever.  OK, make it 90 days in case some of the pirates don't get the word fast enough

We have pirates because we are paying people to be pirates.  They are capturing $200MM vessels and asking for $5MM ransoms. And they are getting paid.

The only way to stop piracy is to make it a losing proposition.  By killing pirates and destroying the places where they seek shelter, you will reduce the number of pirates.

By refusing to pay ransom. and forcing the rest of the world to go along with this policy by sinking ransomed ships, you will quickly take all the profit out of piracy.   And with no profits, there are no pirates.

We claim piracy is a difficult challenge.  Really, we just lack the will to stop it.

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