Friday, January 28, 2011

Simple Steps to Save the United States

A few simple ideas to save us:

1.  Constitutional Amendment: Direct Payment of Taxes.  All taxes must be paid directly to the taxing authority.  There is no withholding, escrow or other means of indirect payment of taxes. Sales and other transactional taxes must be as a separate transaction.

2.  Constitutional Amendment: Rules for Congress.  All proposed legislation must be read out loud before congress prior to any vote.  The reading must be done at a normal pace and volume.  Members of congress not present for 95% or more of the reading are not allowed to vote on the bill.  Any amendments, reconciliations or other changes will require a restart of the reading and a re-vote.

3.  Constitutional Amendment:  Congressional Exemptions: Congress may not exempt itself from the laws that it passes.  Congress must be subject to all the rules and regulations that it passes.  Congress may not create separate facilities that duplicate services available through other government programs or the private sector.

4.  Constitutional Amendment:  Naming Conventions.  All federally funded building, bridges, roads and other items will be named after war heroes and past statesmen.  Each facility shall be named after winners of the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, the Navy Cross, etc.  Facilities may also be named after politicians but only after they have been dead for 50 years. 

5. Constitutional Amendment: Executive Appointments.  All executive appointments must be subject to a vote in the Senate within  30 days of the appointment. If the Senate fails to hold such a vote within the 30 days, the Senate Majority leader will be deemed guilty of malfeasance and automatically impeached from office.   The new leader of the Senate will have 15 days to hold a confirmation vote.   All recess appointments must be voted on within 90 days of the appointment but will require a super majority to be confirmed.

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