Thursday, March 7, 2019

If Adam Schiff is right….

The Mueller investigation is winding down with zero evidence of Russian collusion.   

If the report has not been completed, you might ask, how do we know there is zero evidence?  

Because Mueller doesn’t want to be executed for treason.

If Mueller has evidence that Trump is compromised by the Russians, and he has been sitting on it for over two years without telling Congress and the American people, then Mueller is guilty of treason by way of failing to report treason.  

So we can safely assume that there is nothing criminal in the Mueller report.

Adam Schiff is now hiring an investigator to look into 'Trump collusion' now that the FBI and the Mueller team have turned up nothing.

If Schiff’s lone investigator finds evidence that the combined resources of the FBI and the Mueller team were unable to uncover, the implications would be profound.

It would mean the Mueller team and the FBI are completely corrupt, incompetent or both.

Two-plus years of investigation by the nation’s premier investigative agency missed the clues that this random former AG employee could find working by himself?

If this 'investigation' turns up a single piece of incriminating evidence not discovered by the FBI, we should fire everyone at the FBI and start over.   And Mueller and his team should all be disbarred and have to return all the pay they received over the past two years.

The Schiff investigation is a farce, or the entire FBI is.  One or the other. 

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