Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Unintended Consequences

The Left seems to be oblivious to the Law of Unintended Consequences.  Over and over again, we see 'well intentioned' programs have exactly the opposite of the intended effect, or have disastrous side effects.

The current Leftist idiocies will be exactly the same: well intentioned, but will hurt or destroy the very people they intend to help.

One of the latest imbicilities of the Left is the campaign against cultural appropriation.  The Left claims that white people cannot use or adopt anything used or invented by other cultures because that is mean, or something.  raceconscious.org recently published an article claiming that white children wearing a Moana costume constituted a racist hate crime and should be barred by woke parents. 

The claim is that Moana represents empowerment to native Pacific Islanders and Polynesians, and if white girls start wearing this costume, it is somehow an affront and an injustice 

This is not only utter stupidity, it will backfire on the Left and on the people of color they are seeking to protect and promote.

Disney makes movies to make a profit.  They generate revenue through box office income and merchandising.   In recent years, the merchandising revenue has exceeded the box office revenue.   Disney has made a number of movies recently that have featured non-white heroines that have done exceedingly well.

This means that white people are taking their kids to see these movies.   Whites represent 65% of the population, but greater than 90% of the purchasing power.  If white people don't buy tickets and buy the merchandise, the movie is a flop.

If you tell white people that they cannot buy Moana costumes, and that only genuine Pacific Islanders can wear such things, the merchandising sales will fall off by 90%. 

This means Disney will never make another movie featuring a non-white lead character ever again.  If the presence of a non-white princess means that revenue is 90% smaller than otherwise possible, Disney would be mad to make another minority-lead princess film.

The Left claims that these films are empowering to minorities, and then does everything it can to ensure that no film like it will ever be made again.

Nice work, Leftist morons. 

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