Monday, June 2, 2014

Everything is a lie. Everything.

Every thing the Obama Administration does or says is a lie.   A big bald faced lie.

Fast and Furious?  Lies.

Benghazi?  Lies.

VA Scandal, IRS scandal, Obamacare, ... all lies.

These are not run-of-the-mill campaign promise lies.  We all know that politicians will say what it takes to get elected.  These are deep, important lies.

And now we find out that the Bowe Bergdahl story is a lie.

The administration has known all along that this story stunk and that he was very likely a deserter and a traitor.  Rather than make the simple statement that he was missing under unusual circumstances, they made up a lie.   And forced people to sign non-disclosures.

I understand the lies about Fast and Furious.  That is criminal offense for which Holder should be in jail and Obama should be impeached.

I get it about Benghazi -- they panicked over the potential damage to the president in the upcoming imminent election.

And all the other scandals would damage Obama, so they lied.  I get it.

But what possible reason is there to lie about Bowe Bergdahl?    How can a deserter hurt the President?

Why couldn't they tell the truth when we went missing?

How do we get to the point where we have a government that lies about everything even when there is no conceivable reason to do so?

It the corrupt culture in Washington so far gone that they cannot event distinguish things that they need to lie about from things that they can say honestly?  I am getting the impression that even that question would baffle them.

Like a fish that does not know he is wet, Obama doesn't even know he lives in a world of deceit and treachery.

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